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Friday, August 11, 2017

Bama's Looney Republican Senate Primary

  With thoughts  of Marshall Frady I'm gonna make a few comments about this circus we got goin on down here with the Bammers in the Republican primary. It's crazy as Hell. Gonna talk some language my cracker friends can maybe fathom.

     Bircher leftover Crawford Broadcasting--I could see em in the shadows of Albert Lee and Eunie Smith and Steve Gaines Inquisition of Samford President Tom Corts in 93 when about a thousand fundamentalist Babdist preachers came to town--now networked to the Bannon White House through Yellowhammer News creator Cliff Simms.

     Well read Devils Bargain by Joshua Green. These miscreants--wanted to call em bastards in the Will Campbell definition cause if you use Judge Frank Johnson as the standard, the plumbline, well then that's what the field is for the most part, ignorant politically illegitimate bastards and the ones that aren't ignorant have cut a deal with the Devil.

   If you don't believe me, ask General Krulak, Mark Wilson at Auburn or Jordan Doufexis of Rainsville Alabama and Hoover if you can get him to put his political aspirations aside and let the better part of his nature speak.

   Randy Brinson was on Simms outfit this morning. Rick Burgess, the JSU jock radio entrepreneur who was in the Bama HS All star game in 83 with Rollo and whats his face the running back who went on to Bama Glory and the NFL; Burgess has endorsed Brinson but never googled the Mind Revisitted by Crowther in John Grisham's Oxford AMerican.

   Maybe Burgess endorsed the evangelist; what the hell is the difference.

   I will say Brinson who dismissed Frank Johnson with Steve Gaines product Scott Beason on WYDE; dismissed Frank as a "social justice warrior". At least Brinson knew who he was. Beason the creator with Kris Kobach of the dragonian bammer immigration law of 09--the one Duke Chaplain and North Bammer UMC Bishop Willimon compared to the fugitive slave law--not only didn't have a clue about Frank, he had no clue who Taylor Branch was and his connection to Hillary Clinton.

   That's what Sunday School class at FBC Garden Dam Dale Alabama is not covering with the adults.

   Brinson went straight to the soul of Mo Brooks, if Brooks has one--unaffiliated "christian' in general is the way his staffer says who apparently didn't even make it to Easter Sunday service this year, a political no no in Bama--Brinson said a cabal of Bammer's Martha Robey, 3rd US Dixtricks Mike Rogers and Brooks turned El Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran children over the sex traffickers couple years ago on the US Border rather than temporary housing in Montgomery while Brinson worked with non profits and Christian networks in Central America to repatriate them in their native land.

   The Bible Says Jesus Wept.

    Brinson counters Troy poli siontisssed Steve Flowers who says Mitch McConnell's endorsed Strange, or Brooks or the Ten Commandments will take it. Said that much in the Ft Payne Times Journal today. Callers on WYDE say he may in for a surprise.

   And Brinson says Watch out Too. He has a Tea Party ordained by God, a different one apparently than the PCA God at Briarwood in Bham where Sessions boy Strange says Divine Providence made Trump the President; Brinson worships a different God than Franklin Graham and Strange cause he says he has some Christian tea partiers working their way north from Dothan knockin on doors and witnessin to peeps about Tuesday.

   Hell I don't know. I'm prayin about this Shit Too



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