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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cormac McCarthy goin on Oprah

This is gonna be an interesting event.

March 29, 2007, 4:04PMOprah picks Cormac McCarthy book; he offers interview
By HILLEL ITALIEAssociated Press

NEW YORK — Before Wednesday, few could have imagined the names "Oprah Winfrey" and "Cormac McCarthy" appearing in the same sentence.
McCarthy, one of the country's most revered and press-shy authors — a man only slightly more accessible than J.D. Salinger — will give his first ever television interview, lured by the long arm of Winfrey, publishing's biggest hit-maker and a media superstar.
Winfrey announced Wednesday on her Chicago-based TV show that McCarthy's The Road was her new book club pick.
"Mr. McCarthy respects her work, admires what she has accomplished, has an awareness of her book club, and thought it would be interesting to participate in the conversation with Oprah," McCarthy's publicist, Paul Bogaards of Alfred A. Knopf, told the Associated Press. "He knew who she was when she called."
In selecting The Road, not only will Winfrey meet with an author who, according to Bogaards, has given just two interviews in the past 40 years, but she has taken on a novel with little of the uplifting spirit she often favors.

See the whole artice from the Houston Chronicle of March 29 at this link

I've never met Cormac, we just missed each other in Knoxville in late 70's. Among all the things written about him I like Hal Crowther's take in Cathedrals of Kudzu. And the early 90's story on Cormac in NY Times is worth googling up.
Did meet Lucas Black, however, who played Jimmy Blevins in Cormac's All the Pretty Horses. Black was bat boy for Speake girls Softball team at the time mid 90's, when Speake came over to play Ashley Adrian and her squad in Collinsville. I think Kevin Summerall was about junior so that woulda made it Spring of 96.
I went over twice near Moulton lookin for Lucas, but never caught him at home. Talked to his neighbor. I liked what Billy bob said about Lucas and his Momma in the feature of the Director's Cut of Slingblade.
But Cormac is man of the hour now. If you are over 50 and ever been through Knoxville, Tn and claim to be literate; then a read of Cormac's Suttree is the test. Read Suttree and you will forever know Knoxville in all its Biblical proportions.
AS his website shows, Cormac wrote a screenplay in 76 about Graniteville, S.C.; fascinating tale starring Brad Dourif who was in Wise Blood as Haze MOtes.
It is all stark. Gonna be interesting to see how Oprah and Cormac negotiate the hour, minus commercials.


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