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Born May 18, 1953; got saved at Truett Memorial BC in Hayesville, NC 1959. On rigged ballot which I did not rig got Most Intellectual class of 71, Gaffney High School. Furman Grad, Sociology major but it was little tougher than Auburn football players had Had three dates with beautiful women the summer of 1978. Did not marry any of em. Never married anybody cause what was available was undesirable and what was desirable was unaffordable. Unlucky in love as they say and even still it is sometimes heartbreaking. Had a Pakistani Jr. Davis Cupper on the Ropes the summer of 84, City Courts, Rome Georgia I've a baby sitter, watched peoples homes while they were away on Vacation. Freelance writer, local consultant, screenwriter, and the best damn substitute teacher of Floyd County Georgia in mid 80's according to an anonymous kid passed me on main street a few years later when I went back to get a sandwich at Schroeders. Had some good moments in Collinsville as well. Ask Casey Mattox at if he will be honest about it. I try my best to make it to Bridges BBQ in Shelby NC at least four times a year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Fourteen karat son of a bitch with spare parts"

    Furman great Marshall Frady's last review in the New York Review of Books was of Steve Oney's And the Dead Shall Rise, about the 1915 lynching of Leo Frank in Cobb County Georgia. The lynching was in a meadow now under the south bound lane of I 75 about the water park where you can look out Hwy 20 and see the Big Chicken.

    Yesterday I talked to Patrick Phillips, author of the riveting new book Blood at the Root, about the 1912 lynchings in Forsyth County Georgia, resurrected to national attention in 1987 by a young Oprah Wynfrey and one of the last hurrahs of Gary Hart. The quote above Phillips uses from Oney's book to describe Newt Morris, a judge in a bowtie in a pic with the hanging body of Frank, who was also key in the earlier lynchings in Forsyth.

    What follows is an imaginative historical analysis with suppositions of how Frady would treat Trey Gowdy in this Trump, Billy Graham, Ben Ghazi, Fox News Moment in the South Carolina US 4th Congressional District.

    Gowdy was onstage last night at Frady and my alma mater, Furman, for a conversation with his challenger Chris Fedalei. Later those two joined in a roundtable conversation with SC's first Black Republican Senator Tim Scott.

   Scott has ties to Chic Fil A. CFA CEO Dan Cathy was in my religion class at Furman fall of 71. Small world.

    But continuing.

    Whether or not Frady would name Gowdy another "14 karat son of a bith with spare parts" we may never know. But Frady's familiarity with such language from southern pols, his insights in his biography of George Wallace and on to Billy Graham not hard to believe Frady would see a lot of Gowdy in the pattern.

   In his bio of Graham, Frady compared him to the penultimate American Innocent,Billy Budd of Melville's Moby Dick. Said Graham saw the world through "welkin eyes".

     Gowdy I don't think is that innocent. Gowdy to me carries all the weight and evil machinations of the worst of Nixon and the insidious Lee Atwater and Governor Carroll Campbell, Campbell as Nordic blue eyed and blonde as Gowdy, though never quite slicked his air that gelly.

    Gowdy swims in the world of the dark money of the Koch Brothers, the NRA and Fox News. Investigate that world. How he maintains good standing in FBC Spartanburg with Billy Graham I don't know.

   Gowdy when he reads and I hope he will, will be taken by the title of the chapter in which the Newt Morris quote appears, The chapter titled "The Majesty of the Law". Bama Senator Sessions should like that title as well. Quote of 14 karats from the mouth of a Cobb County resident, a Mr Willingham.

    FBC Spartanburg every couple years or so sponsors an event, Truth for a New Generation. I've never been able to darken the door of one of those events, keep hoping George Singleton will do the honors and report in the Oxford American but that hasn't happened yet.

   I think it fair to say not many of the proffs or administration of the folks I knew at Furman would find much in common with the values and ideological compulsions of TFNG and liberal arts vision of Furman; nor Wofford nor Converse for that matter.

    So Trey Gowdy continues to pull off a hat trick with the Downtown Destination City Republicans of Main Street Greenville SC.

    Take a look at Phillips book. Find Marshall Frady's collection Southerners. Google Rebecca West Greenville Opera from the 1946 New Yorker on the lynching of Willie Earl and see if there in Strom Thurmond's America you don't find the charlatan Trey Gowdy.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Voters for Hillary Clinton in Dekalb County, Alabama

  Okay I may make a few friends and I may lose a few but following is a list of folks with connections to DeKalb County Alabama, most of them Christians, who I know or have strong suspicions will be voting for Hillary Clinton. We are a minority as there are only about 20 percent of us in this county. Some don't live in the county but grew up here or have strong family ties.

1 Stephen M Fox, myself whose Momma was born and baptized her and my great grandfather Jordan was born in 1841 and fought in the Civil War.

2. My sister who lives in South Carolina.

3. Cousin Dixie who lives in Pelham

4. Claire Chandler of the Influential Coker family, Home Ec teacher at Collinsville HS who said as much last week at Don Chicos

5. Mary Katherine Reed. Quite conservative woman, a Reagan Republican but I cant see the first woman in the county to earn a doctorate, my Mother's HS classmate, voting for Trump. She is deceased but I want folks to know where Im comin from.

6. Martha Barksdale. Lifelong Republican and conscience of the town. God Help us All if she votes for Trump.

7. Peggy Coplin Weaver. Hall of Fame Math Teacher at Collinsville, native of Guntersville, lifelong Methodist like Hillary, perfect on the ACT in Math in 1965. She hasn't told me as much but can't see her voting for Trump.

8 Rebecca Kennedy. CHS grad 83. Chaplain at Baylor University.

9 Susan Weaver. Peggy's daughter, smart enough herself and regular Sunday School student of President Jimmy Carter.

10 Her husband John, UVA grad, both friends of St Moats of Americus who will vote for Hillary as well because he is a Furman grad which makes him literate. Ha

11 Matthew Morgan, CHS grand, UVA and Yale Div

12 Mark Morgan, weak in many areas but smart enough to graduate from Duke and befriend Chaplain Willimon there. Like Martha, God help us if he votes Trump

13. Jennifer Cunningham Barber, Danny's wife. Lawyer and too smart to vote for Trump.

14 Samuel Russell Beene. According to Mark Morgan the brightest grad in the history of Collinsville High School. Beene applied to Cornell

15 His Mother Lynn Gilbreath Beene, a not too distant cousin of Martha Barksdale.

16 Her granddaughter Kaylur and her friend Sharon in the 7th grade. They will win the state softball championship in 2022 in Alabama. They cant vote yet but if they could they would vote Hillary. Sharon of the China House has a first cousin Jose Bailey at Furman with Mike Hubbard's son Clayte. Jose is majoring in political science and will cast a vote in North Carolina. He worked one summer at the China House. May be smarter than Russ Beene.

17 Amy Arthur. With her Aunt in Texas Alicea may be the only Arthur in the county not to vote Trump. Countin on Amy

18 Hillary Beard. With a name like that how could she not. Bham Southern Grad on staff with Congresswoman Terri Sewell in DC. Hillary's Father was longtime associate pastor at FBC Ft Payne and friend of Crowe above in same church. Crowe is a graduate of Vanderbilt and on staff at Baptist Joint Committee in DC which opposes Casey Mattox and every thing he stands for ideologically and church state matters. Crowe is in the George Truett tradition of Baptist life. Casey in the tradition of the right wing fundamentalism of Jesse Helms and reactionaries in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention from Mississippi.

Hillary's brother Jay

20. Todd Heifner, Frequent traveler of I 59 and former president of the Samford SGA and assistant to President Tom Corts.

21. Jon Appleton, cousin of Hank Appleton and Jill Appleton Tidmore. Their GGG Grandfather was a founder of Collinsville Baptist Church and Jon is pastor emeritus of FBC Athens, Ga. He was special guest of FBC Ft. Payne May 2010 on their 150th or so anniversary. Hank's son an Albertville, Al QB has gotten serious looks from Yale football program and Hank was a roommate at Auburn of Campbell, QB who handed the ball off to Bo Jackson so the family's influence is wide.

Rest without number. Rev Bynum of Lebanon. Natasha Jones. Donnie Mack and Jackie Myers. Wellington Hope. Raymond Weaver, Cherilynne Crowe, Dr. Steve Isbell though I could be wrong on that one, Mike Mitchell. Tara George, Laqata Bowers, Maria Moreno, Teresa Guerroro, Tony and Edgar Padilla and the wife and daughter, Mark Wilson of the Auburn Democracy Project and the four students he has sponsored under the auspices of Jennifer Wilkins.

There are more but something to think about and it is lunchtime.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Stiffnecked"; One more insight into the Southern White Male Mind of 1930s through Sixties

       Booktv and the Nashville Southern Book festival featured two great authors and books over the weekend in edition to a panel of three on We Are Charleston.

     Patrick Phillips whose parents were raised in Birmingham and he in Forsyth Co Georgia where his parents became Methodist ministers, Patrick in the presentation of his new book Blood at the Root drew attention to a teacher at Chestatee Elementary school in the county who got national fame for a viral facebook post where she likened Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

    Phillips books is about the 1912 lynchings in the County about 25 miles north of downtown Atlanta that made Cumming Ga and the county Sundown territory until Oprah came to town in 1987. Phillips used the reference about the Chestatee teacher to say there are pockets of white privilege as virulent as Birmingham in the mid 60s.

     I think the book is coming to the Ft Payne Library in NE Bama. I hope leadership of the Collinsville Historical Association as well as likely new School supe Jason Barnett and his school trustees take the implications to heart and make sure our county high schools get away from the foolishness of the Daughters of the Confederacy History of the Civil War.

     More striking than Phillips presentation was a lesser known author and likely less selling book about the man widely assumed to be the prototype for Harper Lee's Atticus Finch. Foster Beck's son tells the story of his Dad and a case in Enterprise Alabama in 1939 when my Momma woulda been 16 and on the eve of her last year of High school.

     Beck comes to an interesting conclusion about how South Alabama dismissed the nobility of his father's failed cause to save an innocent black man from capital punishment. He attributes it to working and lower class whites ideas about being a stiffnecked. The culture had worked and his Dad had lost but pursued justice.

   Here is how the son interpreted it all, kind of a gnarled analysis but quite poignant, one that registers with me as I've tried to understand similar mindsets and dismissals over the years. The panel is easily googled. I hope some of you find both and watch in entirety on    

   Mr. Beck the son, Quoting: 


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Gaffney High Class of 1971 Celebrates 45th

       I've gotten a little surprisingly maudlin near sappy on occasion the last ten days thinking of my High School class Reunion. I didn't make it, thought it was gonna be too hot and I can't run up to Upstate South Carolina every weekend. My family loves me but need the distance.

     Not many of us still have a parent still living and I can think of only one classmate who has both parents still here on the earth. And since the last reunion three noble folks of our class have left us, just in last five years.

     In 15 to twenty years there will be just a few of us left.

      On occasion over the last decade when I take out an annual I know to twist the Rolling Stones a little Time is No Longer on My side. The Fall of my Freshman year, Claude Fort spoke at the Homecoming Assembly--Gaffney had great Homecoming Assemblies, knocked off the entire morning every fall right up until first lunch period. Claude Fort was of the class of 1907, born in 1890 five years before my Grandfather Fox.

    And here we Freshmen are on the edge of the third decade of the 21st Century.

     Our Class was historic as we were the last to be freshman at Gaffney High and the first in Gaffney to have three years in High School of full integration. There is an ominous photo in the 68 annual of a hundred or so white kids gathered around four black girls at lunchtime. It was innocent enough it looks as it appears the girls were singing or doing chants from Granard, their school of just a year before, but when you put those years of Strom Thurmond's Freedom of Choice and read Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America we were an experiment in the making for sure.

   It wasn't all about race. Academic goals were serious at Gaffney High. Consider this sentence from the 68 annual I'm convinced came from Margaret Callison one of the co-editors:  "The teacher that involves a student with Thoreau, that excites a student with the thought of Flemming or Darwin is a teacher that has taken a student beyond a mere academic credit and given him an awareness of ideas that are infinitely more valuable"

   If you got a better sentence from your HS Annual I'd like to see it.

   As an aside I have to say about Darwin--well save that for later, from the Movie Ironweed. I was just surprised we good Baptists and the other less numerous denominations at Gaffney High had Darwins name in the annual.

   We had our stars, though quite frankly I thought the class of 68 and 72 were more gifted on the whole. No diss on us. Charles Foster was in the Olympics in 76, Chip Sheffield got a solid look from the Cowboys and Tampa Bay as a receiver, Ronnie Smiley got a look from Kansas City Royals best I remember and if not for a knee injury Danny Parker coulda been a pitcher for the Clemson Tigers. I agree with Robb Sartor on that one.

  And Barry Denton who is a perennial or a quarterly for the Reunions has the great story of when a crow tried to assault him in Left Field on a leisurely inning in the spring of 71, playing Woodruff or some pretender. Denton swatted and killed the bird with his glove. I wanted to hear that story one more time.

     At Furman in the hardest proffs class,
Jan Palmer made the first Freshman A intro Psyche Class in the history of the school; Anne Fuller became an outstanding church organist and played some of the best cathedrals in greater NYC and her sons were in acclaimed Boys Choirs there. Lillian Ashley got a master in Library science from Vanderbilt and Rajesh Mehra and Frankie Barnhill and Walter Frye have solid practices in the medical field.

      Bill Moyers wrote me a note in 88 that Said People like you make a difference and in my mind I collaborated on what shoulda been an Oscar winning screenplay if I just coulda got Brad Pitt to pick up the phone. After all he was raised Baptist just like me......Joke on me.

     At the 1991 twenty year Reunion, I found myself sitting beside Arthur Frady. I hadn't thought about Frady since tenth grade when Coach Whiteside drove a golf ball into the visitors stand on a morning that I swear was below freezing.

     Frady said Stephen, you were the smartest in our class weren't you. I said the vote came out that way though Walter Frye and Mark Poole always thought they were smarter than me. They coulda been and for sure Teresa Cline and Jan and Lillian and Diane Sarratt brought more to the table than I did; and Mike Francis SAT score was higher than mine. I rose steadily in the class as Francis left after the ninth grade, Lillian after the tenth and Jan went to LaGrange Georgia before our Senior year. And the Clary girls were ready to get on with life and went to Winthrop early.

   I got sidetracked. Frady Said, Stephen how much did you make last year. I said I have enough after taxes to make a down payment on a good bicycle since I'm wearing out the ten speed I got in Rome Georgia ten years ago. Frady said I made a hundred thousand dollars last year in my heatin and air Business. I said I thought you were with Sanders Brothers. Frady said I left them several years ago and got my own business and doing fine.

   I told him I was proud of him and I am. He was back for the 45th and I woulda love to have seen him. In a good picture with Charles Edwards who went on to Furman with me and Donnie Clary and Mac Middleton.

   Luc Sante, a consultant to Gangs of New York, said we are each of us our own archaeological sites. And lookin at the pic of my classmates the registry hardened.

   From a Review of a novel in the New Yorker a few years ago:  The hero imagines his body from above jeering at him: "For all your higher plane and beloved want the old comforts and narratives....the great words repeated in the dark and over the heads of newborns and the bodies of the dead."

    That's about where I am.

    God Bless the Class of 1971 Gaffney High School.


Wofford and the Case against Trey Gowdy; Willimon on Immgration

        If LD Johnson is the Abraham Lincoln of Baptist Identity at Furman the laft half century, then Will Willimon is the Methodist Lincoln for Wofford.  A native of Greenville and the Buncombe Street UMC, Willimon is a late 60s Wofford Grad, longtime trustee and was a finalist to become Wofford President a decade ago.

    For several decades Willimon was the Chaplain at Duke University and is well known internationally in Christian Circles. I've read all the sermons in his Anthology from the Duke Chapel, the 1967 Homecoming sermon and the contributions of Fleming Rutledge and Will Campbell among the most memorable.

    For seven years ending roughly 2012 Willimon was Bishop for North Alabama Methodists. He wrote a book about his experience in Alabama.

   While Willimon was taking a prophetic stance about Alabama's draconian immigration law that made national news, Spartanburg's Trey Gowdy was whistling Dixie and becoming the Darling of Fox News with his distractions on the Ben Ghazi Committee and other playgrounds of the Koch Brothers and Anne Coulters whims.

    Let's get to the heart of America for What Trey Gowdy means for the extended families of Marcus Lattimore, Sidney Rice and our Latino friends in the Upstate:  If Martin Luther King were with us today he would be marching in Berea and writing letters from the Spartanburg County Jail to Gowdy and the staff and members of First Baptist Church Spartanburg including Billy and Franklin Graham!

     Read this, Willimon on "fugitive slave law" and matters that had Gowdy Struck Mute!

     So where is the Christian Conscience of Gowdy's base in the Upstate.

    I hope that is one question explored in the "Conversation" at Furman in a few weeks.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Furman and Case Against Trey Gowdy; Part Two

     This morning I called the Poage Library at Baylor University inviting them to contact Chet Edwards to read these two blogs. He has a lectureship there since he was voted out of Congress with the Tea Party Insurgency that has been the backbone of Trey Gowdy's career there.  My Furman classmate Baron Hill, a Blue Dog Democrat from Indiana was also voted out that year. With the loss of those two Furman's Danielle Vinson's challenge in the recent issue of the alum magazine faced a bigger hurdle, the challenge for the Congress to work for the greater good of the country.

    Chet Edwards drew high praise from the Baptist Joint Committee in DC, the authentic church state watchdog for the best kind of Baptists, the kind Furman buttressed in its best days of Baptist affiliation. Edwards is the George Truett legacy of Baptist thought and was a key speaker a decade ago when Baptists celebrated in DC a historic commemoration of Truett's two hour speech on the nation's capitol Steps commemorating his speech there.

    Chet Edwards was Furman President Elizabeth Davis Congressman for many years when she was at Baylor. Influential Democrats floated his name as possible replacement for Joe Biden in 2012. Best I can figure President Davis was a contemporary of Trey Gowdy when they were both students at Baylor. Baylor is a big school and I haven't seen where either claimed to know the other there.

    My friend Randall Balmer has written in Mother Jones about the Baptist upheaval at Baylor in 2004. I hope to have the link for you here soon.

    So for the folks who follow these things, Bill Moyers and Wuthnow, Balmer, Molly Worthen and Charles Marsh and the authors of the Baptist shelf at the Furman library the BX 6400s, these things matter.

     Aside from the Baptist implications Trey Gowdy is on the wrong side of many other things that matter.

    Norm Ornstein of the Conservative AEI, points to Trey Gowdy's Tea Party Revolution as the culprit of gridlock in the Obama years. Check Its Worse than It looks and see if you come to a different conclusion.

   Trey Gowdy has wallowed in the masturbatory politics of Fox News--and in the case of Bill Oreilly the literal masturbator, google the hour long panel on Fox News of mid September. In all his "Christian" witness he appears struck mute to examine the dark money underbelly world of the politics of the NRA and how Citizens United has abetted that. Citizens United and the underbelly of the NRA is a matter I'm certain would've concerned LD Johnson, Marshall Frady and Carlyle Marney.

     Gowdy is a beneficiary of the "ratfucking" politics Daley exposes in his book by the same name. Google Betrayal of Democracy at

      Gowdy is the current incarnation of the worst legacy of Strom Thurmond. The Heritage Foundation of Jim Demint Gowdy personifies was hatched in the bowels of Strom Thurmond's Senate offices, the literal basement according to Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America. Page 254, Quoting

          ....An antipathy to the politics and culture of liberalism, one in which the aggrieved white God-fearing American, mistreated at the hands of forces both elite and minority, stood center stage. End of Quote

    The quote is even stronger in larger context. Crespino was in Greenville at the Upcountry History Museum Sept 19. Many Furman folks had to be there. Still waiting on them to tell us the implications for Gowdy of Crespino's presentation.

     Gowdy is on the wrong side of Baptist History.  He is on the wrong side of the politics of Downtown Greenville as a Destination City. And he is a complete disaster for what was once Furman's great promise as the University of Governor Richard Riley.

     Let's see if the larger Furman community in Upstate SC, and its sister institutions Converse and and Wofford can do something to help end the political career of Trey Gowdy and his lesser vision for South Carolina and the nation.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Furman and The Case against Trey Gowdy

    October 24  Furman will host a conversation between Trey Gowdy and his challenger Chris Fedalei moderated by poli sci proff Danielle Vinson. Vinson is often on NPR especially during SC Presidential primaries and had an excellent piece in last Alumni magazine about the standoff in Congress.

     I am aware Marshall Frady and myself are not the only Furman grads and I am also aware I graduated near the bottom, the very bottom of my class, down there where The Talking Heads sing There is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean in Life During Wartime. Among alums who are right wingers or favor the Tea Party or some aspect of the legacy of Lee Atwater, Ole Strom, Carroll Campbell and Harry Dent are for starters: Former Gov Sanford, Atwater's Daughter Salley, Dent's daughter Dolly ( a beautiful young woman at Furman whose sister Ginny Brant is now my facebook friend), Lauren Cooley who brought Anne Coulter to campus; Clayte Hubbard, current sophomore whose Father former Bama Speaker of the House implemented a bleaching strategy to weaken the political power of minorities in the state--See Betrayal of Democracy,; and recently Mariel Calhoun, staffer for Trey Gowdy in DC though I'm not sure how thorough a Tea partier she is.

    Mrs. Calhoun is now at staff at Furman in the Alumni department. Hard to place on the Spectrum is George W Bush ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins. Wilkins is not a Furman grad but great friend of Governor Riley and Wilkins also recent Chair of the Clemson Trustees.

     Here are some things for the Furman community to consider and explore. Random sources and convictions of mine rooted in the implications of the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention which caused Furman to break with the SC SBC.

    One, Gowdy is a member of FBC Spartanburg which champions the tea party and the fundamentalist side of the SBC while Furman's Baptist contingent is more closely associated with FBC Greenville who sides with the Baptist Alliance and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

   In that vein see my friend Randall Balmer's easily googled piece billy Graham and the Judgments of History and his take on Baptist progressivism in his Redeemer Bio of President Carter.

     Baxter Wynn, a nephew of Ga Gov Lester Maddox is great anchor for this conversation. And former FBC Gville pastor Jeff Rogers who also counts the Furman Religion department in his curriculum vita had great piece in the What Really Matters LD Johnson lecture collection on what it means to be a Baptist of the Wynn stripe versus that of Trey Gowdy and FBC Spartanburg.

   See my Ratified Blog with quote from Balmer, and blog on Trump's recent appearance in Asheville NC and what UNC chancellor Bill Friday prophesied would come to be the distinction between the likes of Gowdy and Baxter Wynn.

   The BX 6400 shelf in the Furman library is excellent resource for this upcoming debate. I am named in footnotes of at least two entries on that shelf.

   See Lee Atwater's "nigger memo" in Princeton's Robert Wuthnow's Rough Country. And read more of Atwater's legacy that set the stage for Trey Gowdy in Daley's Rat Bleeped book. And Garry Wills reviews of Scarborough and Dionne's books on GOP turn to the Right. Two separate books, two separate reviews.

     Former Furman President Gordon Blackwell stood with Max Heller against the shenanigans of Carroll Campbell and Lee Atwater. Now it is time for the Best of the Furman tradition, those who remember the best of the Furman Baptist tradition in the public square to be informed and stand against Trey Gowdy.

   If anybody can make the case LD Johnson were he still walking among us in the flesh would disagree, I would invite them to make the case and link their convictions on Furman's facebook wall where I am going in all deliberate speed to link my Baptist indentity on this matter.

  According to a staffer in Gowdy's DC office this morning Trey Gowdy has endorsed Donald Trump for President. That Atlantic says Karl Rove is undecided. Rove sat in a room in Downtown Greenville, I think the Hyatt in Feb 2000 with an acquaintance of mine from Gaffney and about ten other people when the group decided to go "negative" on John McCain on behalf of W. And re Gowdy we must remember with the help of Jim Demint he ran to the right of Bob Inglis to unseat by all measures a very conservative congressman willing at least to consider the wisdom of Danielle Vinson in her alum mag piece. In the best worlds, the New Yorker would do an expose on whatever it is considered the "Gospel" at Redeemer Prez just outside the Furman gates.

    The Cheat sheet list on Republicans and Trump. Barbara Bush has the high road as that group goes

Christian Arnold, Haden Hayes, George Wallace Jr and Donald Trump

      Last week I had a polite and civil exchange with George Wallace Jr on His Facebook Wall, and a day later saw Bonhoeffer biographer and UVA Charles Marsh post a facebook quote of Furman's Marshall Frady from Frady's late 60s biography of George Wallace, the Governor.

      It was Frady's biography on which the 90 TBS series on the Governor was based.

    Christian Arnold is my neighbor in NE Bama. He is a good Methodist along with Haden Hayes of the Coker family. Hayes and his first cousin Mary Katherine may be the two best of the whole bunch, but as much as the Cokers try, you are bound to come up with two good ones sooner of later. They don't quite have the numbers of Doug Simpson's family or the Iveys of the northern part of the county and Sacred Harp fame, but they, the Cokers are working on it. Simpson said he had 48 first Cousins, and Euell Ivey told me at the Pine Grove Singin he has 47.

     George the Governor has a good joke you can find online about the farmer and the Yankee at the General store making change up around Ider in 47 or so.

       Here is the Wallace exchange with myself. Soon I will have the Frady Quote Marsh spotlighted with allusions to Donald Trump

  Frady quote here followed by Wallace exchange

         'The desperate outbursts of violence that attend his wanderings around the country leave one with the uneasy feeling that alienations, not only racial but also ...intellectual, have reached a point in our society where the potential for revolution is more palpable than ever before.... He belongs fundamentally to the vigilante ethic, with certain apocalyptic overtones--and the potential for violent confrontation and climax enthralls him.' (Marshall Frady on George Wallace, 1966)


Stephen M. Fox George Jr, our mutual friend Christian Arnold was gonna ask this question for me, but if you could be so kind I could get it direct. Did I read somewhere you were on a hunt in Africa with Bobby Kennedy Jr. when word came RFK had been assassinated? If that is true one of the great ironies of your family's storied history with the Kennedys.

George Wallace Jr. Stephen, I was in Africa in 1999 when we lost John Jr. I had visited with him when he came to interview my father in 1997 for the first edition of his magazine. Actually John had written me a note, before the interview was scheduled, in which he wanted...See More

Stephen M. Fox Thanks very much for the clarification. In A Better World, which happens to be the title of a good movie; let me start over. Maybe our friend Christian Arnold can arrange and pick up the tab (ha)on some occasion at Saw's in Homewood. Would love to bri...See More

Stephen M. Fox George Wallace Jr. Here is a link to tribute to Marshall Frady with several quotes from his biography of your Father on which the Dan Carter of Emory bio is based. Just today my friend at UVA Charles Marsh friend of Steadman Shealy from their time in Dothan, has a Frady quote from the bio of your Dad as reference to the climate in Charlotte, NC now. Link in reply


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rick and Bubba butcher Billy Graham and the Bushes; Need to See The White Ribbon

      This morning I called the DC office of Mark Sanford, the former Gov of South Carolina, famous for the Appalachian Trail, who shares Furman University with me and Marshall Frady as alums. Sanford was brought to mind by a conversation I had yesterday on air with Rick and Bubba where they excoriated, ridiculed and made of the Bush family for about an hour. Using the family initials as fodder they were outraged HW Daddy Bush had endorsed Hillary over Trump.

    These leading fundamentalists for all practical purposes the face of the Alabama Baptist Convention, are unavowed supporters of Trump as they see Hillary as the Anti Christ though I imagine most of the recent UMC Bishops in the state, Harper Lee and her sister Alice and Taylor Branch, himself a good Baptist not to mention Wayne Flynt would take issue with them.

    I forgot, at the agency of then Governor Sanford, Furman was the last college where George W. Bush as President spoke at commencement.

    He told a lot of jokes. If it weren't for Iraq he woulda been a nice guy but never shoulda been President.

   Rick and Bubba said Billy Graham messed up because He invited the Clintons to the New York Crusade several years ago, and they could never forgive W; not for Iraq but because W said Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

    Rick and Bubba don't know what they are talking about. They said their A list of Christian politicians, the only one they can trust are Gary Palmer and Rich Wingo. I don't know if any of them can name the Christian martyrs in bust in Westminster Abbey, but unless I missed the point entirely Gary Palmer and Rich Wingo are not about the same politics as the Westminster boys which are part of my A List.

     Palmer and Wingo, are from the world of Francis Schaeffer far as I can discern. Big on the "mendacity" of the politics of abortion--see Molly Worthen; and Balmer on the abortion trials of President Carter--both Wingo and Palmer with R And B are either struck mute or complicitous in the Ratfucking politics of the GOP in Bama--see Daley with book by same name at Barnes and Noble though most Baptists call it Ratt Bleeping. They dont' know about Lee Atwater's "nigger memo" from Wuthnow's Rough Country nor have they read Balmer's easily googled piece on Billy Graham and the Judgments of History.

    Rick and Bubba stand on the platform of the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention with all its Bircher, Eagle Forum, White Citizen's Council History. Randy Newman as Ive said before would say They Don't Know their ass from a Hole in the Ground to put it in language maybe they understand.

  If I am wrong, lets talk it out with History departments at Samford Bama and Auburn, even Hardy Jackson and Brandt Ayers of their beloved Jax State.

    Here R and B., go to Bham Southern and see if Bishop Debra Wallace Padgett and the English and History proffs will watch the movie The White Ribbon with You. Easy to google the Utube Trailer. Read the Guardian review. Talk it over prayerfully even with the good women at Cropwell Baptist Church.

   All the Best with the next Davis Cup and have a Blessed day.