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Born May 18, 1953; got saved at Truett Memorial BC in Hayesville, NC 1959. On rigged ballot which I did not rig got Most Intellectual class of 71, Gaffney High School. Furman Grad, Sociology major but it was little tougher than Auburn football players had Had three dates with beautiful women the summer of 1978. Did not marry any of em. Never married anybody cause what was available was undesirable and what was desirable was unaffordable. Unlucky in love as they say and even still it is sometimes heartbreaking. Had a Pakistani Jr. Davis Cupper on the Ropes the summer of 84, City Courts, Rome Georgia I've a baby sitter, watched peoples homes while they were away on Vacation. Freelance writer, local consultant, screenwriter, and the best damn substitute teacher of Floyd County Georgia in mid 80's according to an anonymous kid passed me on main street a few years later when I went back to get a sandwich at Schroeders. Had some good moments in Collinsville as well. Ask Casey Mattox at if he will be honest about it. I try my best to make it to Bridges BBQ in Shelby NC at least four times a year.

Monday, August 14, 2017

What Furman University can Teach Meet the Press

   Chuck Todd himself is coming to my alma mater Furman August 31. I'm delighted, would love to be there myself. Shook hands with Tom Brokaw on campus about 2004 when he was there to moderate a Presidential debate in downtown Greenville.

     Todd is no Tim Russert, then again I'm no Jack Kennedy but glad to have him there anyway.

    Here is what Tim needs to know about Furman before he gets there.

    Not only am I a grad (smile) but over the years Lee Atwater's daughter Salley got a degree there, SC Governors Dick Riley and Mark Sanford, and Nixon's Southern Strategist Harry Dent's daughter Dolly was there for two years while I was there.

     The father of long time Chaplain now retired, my friend Jim Pitts, was Nixon's barber and Nixon slept in what is now the Furman President's Mansion when he visited his good friend Charles Daniel there in 1962. My friend Roger Milliken Jr's father of Spartanburg gave more money to Nixon than any other man in America in 1972, though Roger Jr. went to Harvard with Ben Bernanke.

      Current rising senior Clayte Hubbard is the son of former Bama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, the man who flipped Bama  decisively from the Dems to the party of Trump in 2010.

     Whats her face (Victoria Jackson)  of shortlived SNL Fame now a Conservative activist was there in the 80s, and Chic Fil A CEO Dan Cathy was in my religion class in the fall of 71.

   And Sports Illustrated front Cover World Cup Soccer star Clint Dempsey played at Furman for two years or more. I hope he is coming to Alabama soon and make some waves for Atty Gen Sessions the Bama GOP re Immigration reform.
    Amy Grant was at Furman for a couple years before she went to Belmont to think more about Jesus and Vince Gill. In the Furman Music rooms she once told my Brother to play his baritone a little softer in a practice room as she was rehearsing nearby.

    But among all, Todd should know of Marshall Frady, the early biographer of George Wallace, later a sublime short but majestic bio of ML King, and a lengthy one of Jesse Jackson who spit in the Pepsi (no, Coke, Pepsi at Furman) when as a teenager Jackson worked the basketball games for Furman in the downtown Colliseum.

   Google Scott Sherman the Unvanquished, Todd, if you don't already know of the man Pulitzer's David Halberstam called quite likely the greatest social justice journalist of the last half of the 20th Century.

    On the fly here and may refine this a little before Todd sets foot on campus. Hope he does a jam up job and the current crop of Furman nobility comes informed and loaded with questions well versed in Joshua GReen's Devil's Bargain, Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America, Azar Nafisi's This Republic of Imagination, and in the Historically Baptist college, Wuthnow's Rough Country!!!!

   Go Dins!!!!!

Is Andrea Tice the new face of the alt right in Alabama

     Now that Florida HS baseball player, Auburn grad and Babdist preacher's son Cliff Simms has gone to the Bannon white House, Andrea Tice may be the new face of the Alt Right In Alabama.

   With her husband John Tice, natives of Upstate New York, staffer at the mega church of Brook Hills in Bham, these 40 something fundamentalists are a force to deal with. John is a grad of Luther Rice and Andrea another Bible School in Florida.

    Andrea loves to mock Hillary Clinton on WYDE In Bham, and recently in silly girl laughter cut a promo for her talk show with Yellowhammer News on the station mocking Hillary's recent stories about being called to Preach.

    More on this later. Devil's Bargain may be the deal these so called young "Christian" leaders have cut.

   Ive Sent Mizzes Tice a facebook message with this link. Maybe she will read it and talk about on her "Christian two hours midday daily in the "Heart" of Alabama.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bama's Looney Republican Senate Primary

  With thoughts  of Marshall Frady I'm gonna make a few comments about this circus we got goin on down here with the Bammers in the Republican primary. It's crazy as Hell. Gonna talk some language my cracker friends can maybe fathom.

     Bircher leftover Crawford Broadcasting--I could see em in the shadows of Albert Lee and Eunie Smith and Steve Gaines Inquisition of Samford President Tom Corts in 93 when about a thousand fundamentalist Babdist preachers came to town--now networked to the Bannon White House through Yellowhammer News creator Cliff Simms.

     Well read Devils Bargain by Joshua Green. These miscreants--wanted to call em bastards in the Will Campbell definition cause if you use Judge Frank Johnson as the standard, the plumbline, well then that's what the field is for the most part, ignorant politically illegitimate bastards and the ones that aren't ignorant have cut a deal with the Devil.

   If you don't believe me, ask General Krulak, Mark Wilson at Auburn or Jordan Doufexis of Rainsville Alabama and Hoover if you can get him to put his political aspirations aside and let the better part of his nature speak.

   Randy Brinson was on Simms outfit this morning. Rick Burgess, the JSU jock radio entrepreneur who was in the Bama HS All star game in 83 with Rollo and whats his face the running back who went on to Bama Glory and the NFL; Burgess has endorsed Brinson but never googled the Mind Revisitted by Crowther in John Grisham's Oxford AMerican.

   Maybe Burgess endorsed the evangelist; what the hell is the difference.

   I will say Brinson who dismissed Frank Johnson with Steve Gaines product Scott Beason on WYDE; dismissed Frank as a "social justice warrior". At least Brinson knew who he was. Beason the creator with Kris Kobach of the dragonian bammer immigration law of 09--the one Duke Chaplain and North Bammer UMC Bishop Willimon compared to the fugitive slave law--not only didn't have a clue about Frank, he had no clue who Taylor Branch was and his connection to Hillary Clinton.

   That's what Sunday School class at FBC Garden Dam Dale Alabama is not covering with the adults.

   Brinson went straight to the soul of Mo Brooks, if Brooks has one--unaffiliated "christian' in general is the way his staffer says who apparently didn't even make it to Easter Sunday service this year, a political no no in Bama--Brinson said a cabal of Bammer's Martha Robey, 3rd US Dixtricks Mike Rogers and Brooks turned El Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran children over the sex traffickers couple years ago on the US Border rather than temporary housing in Montgomery while Brinson worked with non profits and Christian networks in Central America to repatriate them in their native land.

   The Bible Says Jesus Wept.

    Brinson counters Troy poli siontisssed Steve Flowers who says Mitch McConnell's endorsed Strange, or Brooks or the Ten Commandments will take it. Said that much in the Ft Payne Times Journal today. Callers on WYDE say he may in for a surprise.

   And Brinson says Watch out Too. He has a Tea Party ordained by God, a different one apparently than the PCA God at Briarwood in Bham where Sessions boy Strange says Divine Providence made Trump the President; Brinson worships a different God than Franklin Graham and Strange cause he says he has some Christian tea partiers working their way north from Dothan knockin on doors and witnessin to peeps about Tuesday.

   Hell I don't know. I'm prayin about this Shit Too


Friday, August 04, 2017

Do Trey Gowy and FBC Spartanburg Have the "Ingredients" To Face Down Fox News Distortions of Christian Martyrs

      Sam Shepard died last week. His True West stoked a memorable exchange with my Mother, a new plateau of our bond as we passed each other on a morning walk on the Molena Hwy south of Zebulon Ga in 1983. But it is Shepard as Frank James in the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford that raises a question for me for Baylor grad, fellow church member of Billy Graham Trey Gowdy and his world this morning.

   The opening scene of Brad Pitt as Jesse James  is great. Not only the poem by the actor from North Carolina, but they exchange between Casey Affleck and Sam. In a dress down of Robert Ford to join the gang as full fledged member, Frank James (Shepard) says : "Son, you don't have the ingredients....."

    So here we are with Laura Ingraham showing her nominal Catholic half cocked take  last night on Fox News Special Report panel on the Argentine Priest Sporado re Bannon, the right wing of American Catholicism and fundamentalist evangelical politics in America. Sporado said there are similarities to Islamist terrorist ideology.

   That sent Miss Laura spinning straight to hell. With obvious ignorance of the legacy of El Salvador's martyr Oscar Romero and his circumstances in 1980 in El Salvador, his monument in bust in Westminster Abbey in London with Martin Luther King, Jr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer as of the three great Christian martyrs of the 20th Century, She took it straight to the Birchism of the early 60s that sought to define King as a communist Traitor.

   I called Congressman's Gowdy's office this morning, left a message on the machine of a staffer at FBC Spartanburg, alerted the Student Ministries of St. Francis Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa Alabama to which Nick Saban and his wife gave a million dollars last year, and left a message on the machine of the U Bama Legend Senator Richard Shelby about this perversion of the Christian Faith by Fox News.

    Here is what I know from my Baptist experience. Jesse Helms supported Roberto Daubuisson death squads in El Salvador, Daubuisson who according to the New Republic allegedly set in a room and drew straws for the "priviliege" of assassinating Romero.

    Helms was key ally of Paul Pressler of the Council for National Policy---see Frances Fitzgerald How Evangelicals Shaped America on Pressler and Gary North--in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention that alienated Furman, Mercer, Wake Forest, Baylor, Samford frorm the Baptist ranks.

    To his dying day Helms was convinced Martin Luther King was a communist and refused to honor his Holiday.

    In the late 80s the former chancellor of the UNC system, long time popular host of a show on North Carolina PBS, Bill Friday, told the pastor of the FBC Asheville, NC, Cecil Sherman the most significant thing to happen in NC in the 1980s was the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest and the ouster of my Dad's friend and classmate of the 50s, Randall Lolley as President.

   Because Helms and his Pressler network of leftover Birchers knew that in that seminary they could get in the heads of a new generation of Baptist preachers that would go into every precinct, hamlet and suburb of North Carolina and the eastern seabord and twist their inclinations toward political fundamentalism in the voting booth.

    That is what Father Sporado is recognizing now from Argentina, while Laura Ingraham and friends have gone a whoring for the false gods of Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes.

   As for where Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be on all this, do not consult Eric Metaxas who FBC Spartanburg hosted a few years ago in the Truth for a New Generation conference, talk to Charles Marsh of UVA, a Baptist minister's son of Laurel Mississippi who interviewed among others along his pilgrimage, Sam Bowers, the prototype of the evil Klan genius in Mississippi Burning.

    Read Joshua Green's Devils Bargain about Bannon, Trump, Sessions, and Bama Baptist minister's son Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer News.

    Fox News will take this country straight to Hell. FBC Spartanburg should not be their accomplice

Friday, July 14, 2017

One of the Chosen, Chic Fil A's First One Hundred

     Life has taken its twists and turns since I was in Bob Crapps Religion Class the fall of 71--see History, Jack  Flanders and Frady for bigger picture--with Chic Fil A's CEO Dan Cathy. He's worth about a billion dollars now according to Forbes and I am not. Maybe I shoulda filled out an application while I had a chance.

   We had a mutual friend now retired in WNC after a career in Charlotte banking I love to tell these stories to. She liked my CFA coupon story of a couple years ago and I got word to Dan and sent her a couple in the mail, or maybe I inveighled some from the store in Gainesville and got em to her. Either way it was a win win for everybody.

    But I do have 300 dollars in Chic Fil A value in my pocket now--Anton Chigur said "Don't put it in your pocket"-- compliments of Chic Fil A First one Hundred events.

    I targeted Ft Payne Opening a year ago, squirreling out family and friends for a sleeping bag and or a tent for one night but as of June 11 I had nothing; not even the avid hunters down hwy 11. So I figured my age and the heat of July 12 and humidity plus the quarterfinals of Wimbledon on tv write it off as another loss.

   But about 630 bama time July 12 I got a notice on facebook they hadn't filled out the dance card yet, so I thought why not as I had to pass the new facility anyway on the way on the Lowell Barron Parkway and had intended to stop by anyway and make the scene.

   I got dance card number 65 and Jorge Avila Segura, the valedictorian of Collinsville HS 2013 who also beat Indian Springs and Dalton Georgia and won the state soccer tournament was number 26. So I beat the greater part of the heat of the first 13 hours and was bonified.

   Plus got me a free meal that evening and then  an hour later free ice cream. And good Christians they are access to the air conditioning and rest room facilities inside if you didn't linger.

    They had a gonzo of a contracted out event emcee who was wired in the Lord for the evening. He didn't give me the mike for my CFA testimony but I did get a dead mike for the lip sync competition. I went with Aretha Franklin's R E S P E C T I first heard on the sidewalk outside a strip club in Miami as a 13 year old at the Southern Baptist Convention in 67. My Dad told me not to look in there.

     Well lot of youngsters competing against me who knew all the words their songs plus a group act from an independent Baptist church on Sand Mtn who called themselves the spicey chicks and got a little slim shady with it. They won the damn thing and I never made the final four.

    I voted for Sara Grace who do a Katy Perry impersonation or Britney Spears and I thought nailed it.

     You know Britney Spears is an anagram for Presbyterian, don't you.

   But Gonzo didn't do any word games.

       Made some new best friends from corporate. Cindy from NW Arkansas though she never met Gus Malzaln or Ronnie Floyd nor been to Dyess to see the new Johnny Cash Museum; and Courtney Rice out of Atlanta who went to Texas A and M but hasn't seen the CFA in Canton Ga. I think she's gonna go on my recommendation, the one on 20 west to Cumming. Great place for Dan to do his first two story restaurant cause it would have a magnificent view of the North Georgia Mtns. Would be like Richard Pryor with an apricot tree. If you know that anecdote let me know.

     Courtney said the restaurant capacity ranges from 130 to 160 so the FP unit is in the 130 range. I told her the nicest I'd seen was the Canton Georgia deal and one on Woodruff Rd in Mauldin SC though that was horrible traffic to negotiate.

    Here is what Cindy and Ms Rice may not know. I heard CFA had their eyes on the spot where Jacks is now on the South End right down from the Dairy Queen. That woulda been perfect nestled in the turn of the creek there and the narrows, but a Jax dude undercut em and got the place on rumor of CFA's speculations.

    As fast food sanctuaries go Jax has been good to me but I cant forgive em for that. But I stopped by the Ft pane place today to see em in regular hours and they seem happy; though I don't understand idiots who wait for an hour through drive through when they could send a bright child inside to get it to go; save gas and cut time 20 minutes.

   I got a few more things to say. I may embellish a little more next week so come back to this if you are enjoying yourself as everything off the cuff so far.

      One of my best CFA experiences, was a fast food trifecta no longer in the cards on the Pelham Rd exit on 85 in Greenville, SC. About 7 years ago going west I got off there. Got me a Skins Hot Dog--look em up on the internet for their coagulation of stores most within 30 miles of Anderson SC--crossed back over the bridge and hit Schlotzky's at first light. Took a Right, got my Deluxe Original, went back through the light to CFA and got the great slaw no longer on the menu to put on my chili dog; got some waffle fries and a senior tea.

    I think I kept it all under 8.50 or nine dollars; maybe seven.

   And as they say at the End of Train Dreams, Those Days are gone forever.

   Post script. I promised Cindy and Courtney today that I would link a review of Darren Grem's Blessings of Liberty. Easy Google for Religion Dispatches while I find the link. Grem is a Furman grad, now teaching at Ole Miss who went to Furman like me and Dan. We graduated, Darren and me though not contemps, but Dan and his brother Bubba bailed Christmas 1972 and went to Samford.

     Grem wrote about CFA as part of the trajectory of Kellogg's, RG Latourneau who meshed their business success with conservative religious patriotism and politics. In that spectrum is the Sysco Food Corporation whose founder John Baugh was a little more of a progressive Baptists than Mr. Cathy and the Mike Huckabee leanings of Dan and Bubba.

   Among the litany of stars in CFA crown however, taking some reservations to what could be perceived as the cynicism of Grem on the enterprise is this. Known to many, in addition to the scholarship programs, the assistance to orphans and foster children, the Win Shape program etc, I was deeply proud to see CFA a few years ago rebuild within the year in Joplin, Missouri a year after the devastating tornado there. Cathy showed up there and I think another acquaintance of mine flew in with him. I have to believe Marilynne Robinson would give CFA credit for that one, maybe Mark Noll. And if Courtney and Cindy don't know those two, they should

     I got word CFA is opening a new story in Rock Hill in a month. Courtney said she's not going to that one, but Grem is from Rock Hill. Maybe some of his extended family will participate in the 100 celebration and give him a report before Ole Miss kicks off for SEC Football late September.

    I'm done for now, but do come back cause I got a parable from the Gaffney CFA I won't to tell.

    God Bless Chicken and God Bless America.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Southern Baptists Phoenix Alt Right Resolution and How it Plays in Bama

      A Catholic friend from South Florida texted yesterday to say the Baptists were in a frenzy in Arizona over an alt right resolution. Rick Burgess talked about it a little this morning on his syndicated four hour radio program so I changed my online routine for the week and caught up on this Thursday cause these types of things have been of interest to me since 1988 when I got on a microphone in San Antonio in 1988 and Judge Pressler himself and Jesse Helms operative Barry McCarty took note.

   Then in March of 1993 there was the discussion outside FBC Bham with Steve Gaines right after the snowstorm that year. about a thousand Baptist preachers and laymen were in town for an Inquisition of then Samford President Tom Corts.

    Steve Gaines is now President of the SBC leaving Gardendale Bama to go to the Belleview Baptist Church where fundamentalist guru Adrian Rogers once hailed sway for his version of Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan.

   Here is a pic of Gaines and his aging Homecoming beauty of a wife in earnest prayer yesterday in Phoenix

   Think Progress, Baptist Global News, Christian Century and Christianity Today and many others have impassioned stories about this frenetic event the last couple days in AZ.

      Four weeks ago some of this was prophesied in a good piece easily googled at Forbes for Pastors and Republicans. Goes back to Criswell in 56 and Lee Atwater's infamous "nigger memo".

    And some truth and reconciliation is in order for Saint Russ Moore. He would not have this platform for beatification with Rev McKissic if it weren't for the racist, Texas Regulars, left White Citizens council members and Birchers that led the takeover of the SBC in the 80s, folks like Paul Pressler, Jesse Helms, Bircher Albert Lee Smith of Bham whose wido is tight with immigration lawyer Kris Kobach, and Ed Mcateer of Adrian Rogers now Gaines Memphis church.

   Check those dudes out and have Moore explain that history.

     But listening to the alt right Baptist outlet in Bama today, Cliff Simms Yellowhammer News midday day two hours on Crawford Broadcasting with Andrea Tice you wouldn't know anything about it.

   I don't know if Gardendale's Scott Beason said anything before them. Rick Burgess did cover it in passing on his four hours of early morning live call in syndication this morn.

    Jennifer Rash of the Alabama Baptist is gonna have her hands full between now and the Baptist State convention in November.

    Baptist preacher's son Cliff Simms is now in the steve Bannon alt Right White House with Jeff Sessions, Steve Miller and Donald Trump. Simms is an Auburn Grad. An Oxford American or New Yorker profile on Simms and his media empire he took leave of absence from for Trump White House is in the offing one would hope.

   A Greenville SC native has taken Simms place while he is away. And Tony Beam of North Greenville has Simms back for Trey Gowdy in the Upstate for all I can tell.

     And it will be interesting to see how Eric Metaxas, the Trump apologist and Bonhoeffer scholar navigates all this. Metaxas is a darling of Billy Graham and Trey Gowdy's FBC Spartanburg SC Truth for a New Generation Conferences.

   Pulitzer's Marilynne Robinson essay Value spotlighting Bonhoeffer in the Age of Trump is a challenge for Metaxas to say the least. And on June 15 two Duke scholars have a little something for the world of Metaxas and Trey Gowdy as well.

  Also late Friday, Yellowhammer News says this blog may be part of the conversation for a US Senate Primary debate in Oxford Alabama on Tuesday, or some reference to the Alt Right Resolution in Phoenix. Hopefully I have given YHammer and Cliff Simms in the White House something to think about


     Follow the evolving conversation in the SBC Forum of cause it looks like the cat has jumped out of the bag this time and may not be going back in of its own volition.

   Bible says we have all sinned and have things to confess. In some ways proud of these lagging fundamentalist brothers for a step in the right direction even if their brothers of color in the room had em by the balls and their hearts had to follow.

   Like Donna Gaines, we all need to be much in prayer.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

An Open Letter to SEC Commisioner Greg Sankey

     First, Mr. Sankey, I got to ask you, are you any relation to the legendary Methodist hymn maker, Ira D. Sankey. I understand you are a native of Upstate New York, so I had to ask.

      In October of 2012 I had a brief on air conversation with Paul Finebaum and Bama's Rhodes Scholar QB Greg McElroy about Howell Raines 84 piece in the New Republic, Farewell to the Bear. Finebaum volunteered it was the best piece he'd ever read about the larger world of Bear Bryant's influence.

   I commend that piece to you as I think we are in similar times now in the era of Donald Trump, and all the Bama input in his administration from Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, to Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer News and their religious right base here in Bama. That includes Rick Burgess and Andrea Tice and their network of Baptist mega churches.

    Don't want to get too deep in the woods on that but do invite you and Condi Rice and Archie Manning and the Playoff selection committee to take a close look at this provocative conversation I watched over the weekend on BookTv

     I think the implications are obvious for the players and extended families of the overwhelming population on the field on any given Saturday in SEC Football.

    You talk about athletics and academics as the spotlight for your tenure as SEC commissioner.

    Lot to talk about here framed in the New Republic piece and this conversation of May 18 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in NYC. Even more so as you learn about the connection of Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Abyssinian and 16th Street BC in Bham.

     See the chapter Value in Pulitzer Winner Marilynne Robinson's collection of essays The Givenness of Things.

    And Condi Rice has that great story about her Uncle Alto. Condi also was recently on booktv from the Reagan Library to talk about her new book Democracy. She had a glorious anecdote about passing a voting station in Bham in the 60s and seeing blacks lined up to vote against George Wallace. She had the wits even then to mention to her Uncle Alto don't they know our votes don't count?

   And he replied, maybe not now, but someday and sooner than you think.

   I don't want to overwhelm you, but will share this blog widely for your conversations. Among places I will link this invitation for conversation are the Student Ministry of St. Francis Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa to which Nick Saban and his wife contributed a million dollars within the last year, the New Baptist Covenant initiative of President Carter and Progressive Baptists, General Krulak, retired president of Birmingham Southern; and I hope to bring it to Paul Finebaum's attention if he takes a call in the next ten days or so.

    And while I don't have direct contact with Condi Rice and Archie Mannining, everybody has friends of friends. Scott Hunter's daughter on the Bama state school board should be reading this afternoon.

    I hope we can exchange emails soon.


  post script. Chat with Finebaum and McElroy Sept 2012

Friday, June 09, 2017

Furman embarks on year long study of Founders and Slavery

     Been an interesting conversation last few days on Furman's facebook wall about this iniative. As I understand the Furman inhouse article a lot of panelist will be called in to discuss the matter in the wake of monuments coming down, the Confederate flag removal at Statehouse, and a petition to rename Wade Hampton HS in Greenville to Max Heller High.

    Wade Hampton was big front page controversy in Greenville News a few weeks ago. I'm of mixed opionions on that specific idea, though no fan of Wade Hampton. So far I think Furman grad Vernon Burton (FU 69) has the high ground in the larger conversation as I blogged a few weeks ago in the Proud to be a Paladin blog.

     Desmond Vesey, the leader of the slave revolt and spiritual founder of Mother Emanuel Church of the Charleston Nine is certain to be a part of this conversation at Furman. It was his revolt that stoked the founding of Pat Conroy's Citadel, and provoked a reaction from Richard Furman for whom Furman is named to preach some sermons Bruce Gourley among others say was pivotal  a "tipping point" in hardening South Carolina culture as a buttress for John C Calhoun's Civil War.

   This iniative will come to nought in my opinion if it doesn't work its way through Jim Crow and talk about Lee Atwater and WA Criswell in the frame of the easily googled Pastors, Republicans, Forbes Magazine piece; and follow the way in which the politics of slavery and race has morphed its way into the Truth for a New Generation conferences of Trey Gowdy at FBC Spartanburg.

   That's getting right down to the Real Nitty Gritty.

   But we shall see. To paraphrase Robin Williams line at the Oscars some ten or more years ago. As Adam said to Eve, get back, there is no tellin how big this thing is gonna be.

     Here is a can opener with the Furman official notice link embedded.