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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sidney Rice and MLKing, Jr.

I think the Vikings/Saints game yesterday mighta been hexxed by the Greenville News. On Sunday of the game they're above the fold top headline was a story on Sidney Rice and Pickens County, SC which the day of the game claimed him cause he was born there.
Sidney Rice ain't from Pickens, he's from Gaffney as everybody, even Brett Favre knows.
I don't know what was in Favre's mind on that last play; I guess it had worked so many times before and he gets a glimpse of Gaffney's Sidney Rice and it is the promised Land; except this time it was not.
The Greenville News set the tone with a bad headline.

I have been thinking lot about some aspects of Civil Rights era. I have not parked my life on that time, but incidents and insights keep poppin up. Have had recent conversations with a white man who was in Selma on Bloddy Sunday, but was not aware anything of signficance was going on.

And then got word from some friends in Gaffney, it was some of my information that propelled a series of conversations that has the Great Marian Wright Edelman coming to Gaffney next year for the MLKing Weekend Celebration.
It is a great honor for me to have been a part of that process. I hope it registers with some folks in Collinsville who were present for the disaster of January 24 or 26, 2006, whatever the date of that infamous Tuesday was.

I find it fascinating and look forward to the conversation that has come to light recently about a goodfellow a key force for good in South Carolina being the nephew of Lester Maddox.
Baxter Wynn, longtime staffer at FBC Greenville, is brother of former chair of SC GOP.
Given the history of Harry Dent, Lee Atwater, and Karl Rove in SC, Wynn's pilgrimage when it comes to the legacy of Civil Rights should as a White Baptist be up there with Charles Marsh; maybe even rank with the Methodist Tim Tyson.

Here is my friend John Pierce's latest blog. See my comment there, on one my best days in 20 years and counting in Alabama.
I will go on record to say if by chance you are reading this and claim to be a Baptist, you aren't much of one if you don't subscribe to Baptists Today.

I hope to have the link to the Gville News awful hexxed headline story on Sidney Rice soon.


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