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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Upstate S.C. Republicans Embrace Casey Mattox

At least Santorum and Gingrich and Perry do as they have a conference tonight in Hyatt Regency in Greenville ralleying around Mississippi's failed Personhood Amendment which Casey's leader with the Allied Defense Fund, Charles Pickering advocated. At least all indicators are to that effect.
Over the weekend, leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention met at Paul Pressler's ranch outside Houston according to a Brian Kaylor report of Jan 16 at It was Pressler who assaulted Three former Furman religion professors book on the Old Testament, People of the Covenant in the 60's and used it as a ralleying point to demagogue Baptists into the right wing of the Republican party. See Dan Williams, God's Own Party.
So Casey Mattox is in the driver's seat and it doesn't look like his colleagues from Collinsville who went on the sterling higher educations at Duke, UVA, Yale and some to UBama and Auburn and Habitat for Humanity are gonna say anything to contest Casey's view of the world.
If they decide to say something, Bishop Willimon's peculiar prophet blog would be a good place to start; and or Giberson and Stephens book the Anointed; one supportive jacket blurb being that of Matthew's visitting proff at Yale, and my good friend, Randall Balmer, twice Dotson Nelson lecturer at Samford.
But right now Casey and his misguided religious politics are on a roll


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