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Friday, February 14, 2014

Fox News Bastards and Ventriloquist Dummies

   Writin off the cuff here so come back Tuesday for editing and revisions.

    Sean Hannity, America's Asshole whose Daddy Roger Ailes is a bigger one, played the politics of the distraction to Fox News Hilt Tues and Thursday diminishing the Moral Mondays effort in N.C. to an aside by Rev Barber of the NAACP to S.C. Tim Scott as a "ventriloquist dummy".

     Will Campbell said we are all Bastards, but Ailes and Hannity are a special case. No mention of Jane Mayer's New Yorker piece on Art Pope; no mention of the several recent reports on NPR about Money and Politics in light of the recent Supreme Court Decision and how the Koch brothers whose Father Fred was a Bircher; no mention of my Bama House Speaker Mike Hubbard or his pom pom PHD wife and the Jan 11 front page story in the NY Times on them and the immigration bill that woulda deported half the Collinsville, Alabama state championship soccer team.

   No,  Christian America's news service--right Gov Huckabee--pulls a stunt in the Moral MOnday's March shaking down workin class America for the Koch Brothers.

   Here is hoping Tim Tyson at Duke calls their bluff. Here is hoping he brings the Fox Whore House to Duke to talk it over with Jane Mayer and the author or the recent bio of Roger Ailes. Bring Garry Wills to talk about his review of Joe Scarborough's shallow recent history of the GOP.

    Bring it on with righteous indignation with the Ailes News Team that Jesus woulda thrown out of the Temple just like he did the Bastards in the New Testament.

   Ok, I'm calming down a little now. But I'm tired of these bastards flinging  dung in the face of George Washington and Solomon NOrthup, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln and Judge Frank Johnson.

   TheseAssholes ought to be ashamed of themselves.


Blogger foxofbama said...

See this valentine's day on the real reason's the Tea Party and Fox News has trouble with Black America

1:03 PM  

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