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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Abortion: The Pope, My Dad and his Brother

An Exchange at with references to Karl Rove, Al Mohler, David Gushee, Randall Balmer and the SC Primary 2000 where Mother Teresa woulda winced had she seen what Bill Rauch Saw.
Richard Land has said nothing about it to my knowledge to this day.

The exchange:

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by UNCLE PRENTICE on Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:02 am

A THIRD BOOK THAT DEBI has here by Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, is called "Christianity and the Crisis of ures." I believe it is in this book that Ratzinger and Mohler would almost be in perfect agreement. It may be the best answer yet to Fox's question in this thread, "What do the Pope and Mohler have in common?" BENEDICT writes: " We have the moral problem that passes through the heart of each one of us, in that hidden interior room where our freedom decides for good or evil. I have said that, when the decision is taken in favor of abortion, there is necessarily a moment at which one agrees to shut one's eyes to the right to life of the little one who has just been conceived. The moral drama, the decision for good or evil, begins with our eyes, when we choose whether or not to look at the face of the other. Why is infanticide almost unanimously rejected today, whereras we have become virtually inured to abortion? Perhaps the only reason is that in the case of abortion, one does not see the face of the one condemned never to see the light of day." Mother Teresa expressed essentially the same message when she addressed the Presidential Prayer Breakfast during the Clinton Administration; and both Bill and Hillary were there that day. Their body language was caught during her speech by the camera as they were WINCING(?) at Mother Teresa's words. UNCLE PRENTICE."THE TRUTH SHALL REMAIN."---JAN HUSS, 1415... "GOD WILL NOT ASK A PERSON HOW MANY BOOKS HE HAS READ BUT GOD WILL ASK HIM IF HAS DONE HIS BEST FOR THE LOVE OF HIM"..--- MOTHER TERESA.

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by fox on Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:52 pm


I am doing my best to tread gingerly here, but My Dad's Brother has raised a question about abortion referencing work's in his daughter in law's library; and me as the originator of this thread.
It would be wonderful if Winston would use his registration while he is in Alaska to let his PHD daughter in law speak for herself on these matters and her political calculus in regard abortion.
We both have a lot of respect and admiration for Debi.
At a small rural congregation here in NE Alabama in the 90's my Dad referenced the remarks of Bill Self's great friend, the legendary pastor at Peachtree Prez in Atlanta Frank Harrington, longtime chair of Presbyterian College, SC trustees.
Frank Said Abortion was a thorny issue. He said the weight of Protestant Theology comes down on the side of the Mother. He went so far as to say if a 14 year old comes with her Mother to my office in extraordinary circumstances, You tell her abortion is not an option, "Not Me".
The head of the right to life movement in the county, a good woman, was a member of my Dad's congregation at the church. He was dismissed from that congregation a week later.
If Uncle Prentice wants to say he woulda put my Dad, his Brother, on the street for that reference to Harrington, here is a good place for him to say that.
Timothy George has written a pamphlet on abortion that is still being distributed by Land's ERLC. I think it is abominable in the way it izes SBTS professor Paul Simmons, a person if memory serves me correctly is held in high esteem by this board's own David Flick for his testimony in Charles Kell's Exiled, the book Flick Shared with Burleson there in Enid. I have been waiting for some time for the likes of The Union EThicist who recently came on board at Mercer, DAvid Gushee to dissect the Simmons/George divide on abortion. I have great respeckt for Gushee from what I know about him. The issue is begging him to come in and dissect the religious and national politics of it all.
I will always be proud of Gushee and Carey Newman for what they said about their short stay at Southern under Mohler's so called "Covenant". Hankins reports the two to say their experience with Mohler was God is Not in this Place.
Harrington said he abhors the politics of abortion, the way it has been used as a wedge issue for partisan advantage. I wished he woulda said that the Sunday before the Georgia primary in 88 when George 41 and Barr were in attendance in his Service, but he did not.
Christians everywhere as I have to believe would Mother Teresa wince when they come to recognize what the right to life community as a linchpin did to destroy John McCain in the SC Primary 2000

I did not come to this place today to wrestle with Uncle Prentice on abortion. I am here today to crossblog on some of the pearls in my friend Randall Balmer's BJC address now entirely online at . Here is a quote from that:
"The Baptist faith has been ransacked in exchange for a conference call with Karl Rove."
Balmer writes about the politics of abortion in his book. Gushee has written about it.
I would love for Debi Fox to use her father in law's registration to come here and tell us not so much about abortion, but how the issue stacks up for her in a political calculus as she chooses candidates weighing other matters like health insurance for the working poor, immigrant issues, African and Water issues, even the matter of whether baptists should come together in the Baptist World Alliance.
Would be great if she could risk telling what she thought about the IMB and how it addresses key issues in Kenya from her experience on mission earlier this year.
But that is her call.

Look for my cross blogging thread on Balmer's address.

Stephen Fox, in a region of the country sources say is soon to be infiltrated by 15, Fifteen units of Five Guys Hamburger joints.INFORMED GADFLY


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