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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Johnny Pierce and John Killian blogs

At the expense of losing traffic here on my blog, I want to recommend two others.
Johnyy Pierce, editor of and native of NW Georgia is doing some interesting professional blogging with lot of anecdotes about Chattanooga Tn. His comparison of the tow truck museum in Chattanooga to the communism museum in Prague is a good read, as is his parable of Bobby Cox and Lee Roberson. Lot of folks in NE Alabama and elsewhere will want to be keeping up with him weekly.
John Killian, I have mentioned before. He is one of the more delightful fundamentalists anywhere, and his political thinking is formidable, but I'm convinced a little misguided. He is a hurdle and that universe will have to jump.
But he is there, a charm, and with some fear and trembling for the following he may gather, I recommend you check on him too.


After you become enamored with them, don't forget to check on the Once Magnificent Stevie here at asfoxseesit from time to time, here at the Old and waning Cornerstone of Dissent

Oh, and case you missed the plug in a previous blog here, check out tour dates to see what a big show is coming just 7 miles north of Collinsville in a few weeks.
I may cater some stuff up there for the competition of it all.

Here in the main text of my blog I want to think Johnny Pierce for his kind comment.
And here is a link to a strong essay from the Christian Century I have suggested to both Killian and Pierce, hoping they will share their thoughts on it; because it is a place to share common ground.
Sunday morn August 26, update


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your kind words about the new and for introducing me to John Killian with whom I enjoyed a brief email conversation.

4:05 PM  

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