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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Collinsville Cryer and the Vision Thing

Interesting meeting at city hall last night with Jim Pruitt and Kim Hammond of TARCOG discussing the Vision Thing.
Good initiative, but seems to me if it was very serious, the Town Cryer should be made more user friendly for discussion.
Would be great way for the likes of Susan and John Weaver Morgan, Matthew, Casey, Becky; and folks raised in Collinsville to join the discussion as Pruitt seemed receptive last night.
Ms. Kerley's son across The Pond, the Gilbreath Girls of New York and San Francisco; Hernan Prado; Michael Letcher, Lucy Lawrence; The Pacers folks that have passed through in summers past; lot of folks could be encouraged to join the discussion, if access to

Wasn't so restricted and difficult; but we have to watch those anonymous posters as we don't need another version of the Post Office bulletin board we had a few years ago when the pressure cooker was boilin; or the travesty of January 24, 2006 which metastasized into the first Sunday of June later that year.
I don't think TARCOG is interested in window dressing and kangaroo courts; least I hope not.
Let's get to work on that local blog, have Pruitt make the intro and hope there are more than five folks in the audience for the next discussion.


Blogger foxofbama said...

I'm not exactly satisfied with the tone of this blog; and it is a shame it didn't attract more input Monday night; I don't know may be too much cynicism and too many times around the track for much vision in collinsville now.
I just don't know.
Here is the link or just google TARCOG

2:24 PM  

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