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Monday, June 09, 2008

Will Alabama Christians come Clean on Obama??

Here is the Gospel link for all so called conservative Christians of Conscience in Alabama as they weigh in their hearts the Obama campaign.
I join H Brandt Ayers and his June 1 oped in the Anniston Star in saying as much.
I ask RAndy Owen, great Friend of George Bushes 41 and 43, not to mention GAry Burton's parishioner Ray Scott, the bass fishermam in Pintlala, to have discussions with Artur Davis, Stephen Black, Senator Sessions and Bishop Willimon; public discussions framed by this New Yorker Article.

This should set it up for you as pockets in Alabama, lot of them in Baptist Churches haven't gotten much further than this kind of cigar smokefilled thinking of the Wade Hampton Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina in 1966:

from the article:

“From Day One, Nixon and I talked about creating a new majority,” Buchanan told me recently, sitting in the library of his Greek-revival house in McLean, Virginia, on a secluded lane bordering the fenced grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency. “What we talked about, basically, was shearing off huge segments of F.D.R.’s New Deal coalition, which L.B.J. had held together: Northern Catholic ethnics and Southern Protestant conservatives—what we called the Daley-Rizzo Democrats in the North and, frankly, the Wallace Democrats in the South.” Buchanan grew up in Washington, D.C., among the first group—men like his father, an accountant and a father of nine, who had supported Roosevelt but also revered Joseph McCarthy. The Southerners were the kind of men whom Nixon whipped into a frenzy one night in the fall of 1966, at the Wade Hampton Hotel, in Columbia, South Carolina. Nixon, who was then a partner in a New York law firm, had travelled there with Buchanan on behalf of Republican congressional candidates. Buchanan recalls that the room was full of sweat, cigar smoke, and rage; the rhetoric, which was about patriotism and law and order, “burned the paint off the walls.” As they left the hotel, Nixon said, “This is the future of this Party, right here in the South.”

REad the article in its entirety and if your neighbors refuse, and basque in their ignorance in this remarkable political moment, then pray for them.
If they live in Dekalb County, have them raise money to bring native Son Matthew MOrgan down from his offices with the United Methodist Church in NYC to join his CHS classmate Russ Beene to share the light on this matter.

The discussion is cooking at baptist life dot com. Some of you will want to look at it, then compare Collinsville, and Eclectic Alabama to Inex Kentucky in the article

Follow the evolving discussion with particular attention to ET of Sylacauga:

What Obama faces in Alabama (and probably everywhere else)
by Mark on Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:33 pm
This past Friday, one of my hardworking, white female Christian co-workers was seated next to a stack of magazines that belonged to someone else. On top was the latest issue of Time, with Barack Obama on the cover.Being forever diligent in trying to measure the pulse of the masses in these economically depressed parts - where folks often cling to guns and religion - I pointed to Obama's picture and nonchalantly asked, out of curiosity: "You like him?" I had no idea how she would respond.With no hesitancy whatsoever, she replied: "No, I don't like him. He's a Muslim.""No, he's not", I countered. "There's still a lot we don't know about him, but he's repeatedly denied being a Muslim.""Well, he IS one," she continued, unfazed. "And his brother is a very militant Muslim."We were interrupted at that point.

Click on the red title about What Obama faces; and do be a Christian and conflate Inez Kentucky from Packer in your thinking as it resonated with Brandy Ayers.


Blogger Henny said...

What do you mean? What do they (Alabamians) have to "Come Clean" about?

I would like for Obama to "Come Clean" on what he actually stands for; what he actually plans to do. It's all well and good to advocate change, but from what? to what? I have been around too long to fall for smooth political rhetoric, I want to hear specifics.

You have such animosity toward it just them or people of all faiths that you are against?

9:27 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

First read the Packer article; that is the main thing.
2nd, thanks for responding.
3rd; lot of Christians are self righteous, especially the kind who think they are following Jesus when in effect they like to run family churches and play status games with their ancestry.
I'm not really sure those kind of folks and the leaders who took over the SBC are Christians.
For the most part I feel at home in the progressive Baptist Movement.
But that is not the matter at hand, now; it is this Packer article.
I would encourage you to take a look at
Fleming Rutledge makes a lot of sense to me; even so I have Christian friends across the gamut from fundamentalist to progressive and literate and enlightened
Packer, read that article

9:40 AM  
Blogger Henny said...

I did read it. I read it before I responded. Nixon was a crook, no doubt; Carter was naive; and FDR was too sick by his last termto be in office. So? Unfortunately, that is US politics.

I have voted for people from both parties. I don't care a whit about the party or the "party line". I would rather read an article BY the candidate than one ABOUT the candidate or the candidate's party. There isn't much difference in them when all is said and done.

I will vote for the person who convinces me that he/she is the best for the job.

Everyone CAN be self righteous, everyone CAN play games. If I find a group like that or a church like that I go elsewhere. No sense in butting heads.....not what Christ taught. I also do not give a whit what the SBC, CBF, the Vatican or any other group has to say. I will vote MY conscience, I will read MY Bible, I will worry about MY soul.
I would encourage you to quit holding such a grudge, forgive so that you can be forgiven, and move on. You are only hurting yourself.

10:05 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Henny: I am hoping to attract some discussion about the sterling Packer article here.
I am responding to your concerns about your church membership in the newsweek churchin blog here at my site, the one preceeding this one.

11:56 AM  

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