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Monday, July 21, 2008

Heath Ledger and the Dark Knight

I chime in after Rick, here, if you click on his topic you can see what I think.
Like Billy Sunday Birt, I think Ledger was on pilgrimage to sooner or later in his on way, his on manner, "walk the aisle".
Wish I had had more time to explore it with Billy Bob Thornton, but only had a chance to get in one question in Florence late Feb, earlier this year.

Off topic - "The Dark Knight"
by rickwright01 on Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:19 pm
Saw it yesterday afternoon.Uh... um... wow.Exceptional. Powerful. Phenomenal. And with a lot of serious thought in there - would take some time to parse through the various issues, arguments, points. Social order versus social chaos. Whether and how to fight evil. With violence or not? Playing by the rules or not? The true nature of human beings. The nature of hope versus despair. Power and responsibility. Terrorism and the war thereon.The first extended scene with The Joker... Heath Ledger completely dominated the scene. The instant the Joker walked into the room... all the other characters functionally disappeared or turned into props. There was no Heath Ledger - there was only the Joker (the personification of Chaos) who temporarily borrowed the body of the Human Normally Known as Heath Ledger. (Except possibly for one or two scenes - when the Joker was in jail... the persona may have slipped just a tad.) Only Michael Caine came close (as normally he does). Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the acting but... one actor/character so powerfully stood out.


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