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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pushing the Envelope/More Billy Graham and Nixon

My friend William Thornton from Statham, Georgia turned up a good one here:

Just click on the title for the illustration

Re: Jimmy Carter implores Baptists to unite...
by William Thornton ยป Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:58 am
But I do have a rare photo ..........

And here are some interesting links embedded of stuff that I continue to try to get my hands around but remains elusive.
Question remains, who most provoked the Kingdom of God; Graham or the folks in the footnotes or is the wrong question being asked.
It keeps going around and around.

Billy Graham, Nixon, Race and the South

Just click and follow the embedded links.

Should I have ridden over from Gaffney, South Carolina to the Crusade in Knoxville in May of 1970 as a Junior in High School.
Would it have made any difference, or just added to the discussions I was to have that summer with the son of the man who gave more money to Nixon in 72 than any other man in America.
I didn't get to Knoxville till 78, eight years later.
Maybe that's the story of this blog; always pushing the envelope a decade after the fact.

Well at least I read the great story about the Great Bells of Russia in the New Yorker, one of which made Andre Rublev.


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