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Monday, August 03, 2009

Baptists celebrate 400 Years of Grand Tradition

This link above shows them at their best.
For me they opened up the world of George Truett, LD Johnson, Will Campbell, Stewart Newman, MLKing, Marshall Frady and Holly Hollman.
From there I explored on occasion as best I could Leszek Kolakowski and John Patrick Diggins.
Had email correspondence with Richard Marius, John Baugh, Dan Vestal, President Carter, Jody Powell, and almost had lunch with Mark Sanders and Bertis Downs.
Helped the Great Bill Moyers in 86 a little on his God and Politics Series.
Got to know Gus Niebuhr, Richard Kremer, Wayne Flynt which gave me the courage to pose a few questions on statewide TV to my friend Lowell Barron.
Even so I shoulda done much better by them and my Mom and Dad; better evidence of it than I have been; but like Will Campbell's grandson said to him, I now say

At its best it's a grand tradition.
My friends Ellen Rosenberg and Randall Balmer, outside the faith, will tell you so.

Congratulations Baptists of 400 years.
Here's to all of you who got dunked in the River, went under the water in the Grand Tradition of Grace Through Faith.
As Flannery O Connor's character was told when he came up on the other side:
You count now.


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