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Friday, July 16, 2010

Talking Just causes Witnesses

Somebody in the room there on HWY 11 shoulda said something like that May 28,2006.
But I digress

This is a great American movie. Kate Campbell talked about my family last week in Birmingham and I'm glad she did. I want her and Suzanne Martin and everybody they know to see this movie. Drive to Chattanooga or Huntsville or Rome, Ga if you have to. It opens week--that would be 23rd if you need help with the math-- from Friday in these environs and I'm gonna be on the front row.
Cut and paste the link into the URL space and if you don't know how to, just ask somebody in the Collinsville Public Library or wherever you are and they will help you while I work on a live link here. Be sure you watch the trailer and get the sound so you can hear the words while you read this review at the NY Times.

God Bless and go without the popcorn if you have to. Don't let it hold you back

The link

"You wuz warned and you didn't listen; why didn't you listen?

From the grand trailer.
Go see this movie:


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Here is the link to the Trailer

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感謝大大的無私分享 讓小弟獲益良多 終於知道網上還有這麼多的好東西≧▽≦"

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