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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Chet Edwards, Tea Parties and George Truett

Jerry Vines, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention has a legacy with the Tea Parties. His church in West Rome, Georgia, in the 60's in particular was well known cauldron of Birch Society members and sympathizers.
From that stew came my friend Mary Anne Cole, a leader in the Tea Party movement in NE Alabama. Her activity among other things unseated a State Alabama Senator who at one time was widely considered the 2nd Most Powerful man in the state; also an Auburn Trustee involved in the intrigue of the resignation of former Auburn President Muse, Wayne Flynt has written about.
Sean Wilentz, author of the grand Book God in America, has provocative article on The Birch Society influence on the Tea Party through Glenn BEck and his mentor Glen Skousen in recent New Yorker Magazine. Let me know if you hear that Jerry Vines has read the article; and or Jill Lepore's The Whites of Their Eyes.
But I digressed. The Tea Party took out Chet Edwards the US Congressman from Texas, a champion of the Baptist Joint Committee. Edwards represented Waco and Baylor University and through current Mercer President Underwood--former staffer at Baylor--learned about the grand tradition of Baptist church state separation
Mary Anne Cole is the niece of a former President of Jacksonville St. University; Houston Cole I think was his name. Mary Anne goes to church where Bobby Welch was baptized and on occasion shares a pew with her friends who have a Vanderbilt educated Daughter who now works in DC with the BJC.
But somewhere along the way, Mary Anne never learned about George Truett, James Dunn, Oliver Buzz Thomas, and the best of the Baptist legacy on church state, and now Becky Kennedy is minus a grand champion in the United States House.
I know there are other aspects of the Tea Party Movement beside the culture baggage. But I don't see My friend Ms. Cole doing anything to educate folks about those matters.
Folks in the area know personalities in the recent PBS Series God in America. The whole six hours are online. Maybe Ms. Cole can have Cherilyn Crowe in to lead a discussion about the final segment, God and Caesar. Have Randy Owen in for the discussion with his fellow JSU trustee Red Etheredge, and History Proff Hardy Jackson. Would be interesting to see who knows what, and maybe what we can all learn together past the soundbytes.
Please follow the comments as they develop here; and or conflate them with discussions at; SBC Voices and SBC Impact.

A Footnote. Recently Jerry Vines blogged about Carlyle Marney lecturing at NOBTS in the 60's. Marney a former pastor at FBC Austin Texas woulda been appalled at Edwards defeat yesterday and Ms. Morgan and Ms Cole's complicity in it.
Let us continue a Civil Discussion on these matters.
I don't speak for them but I imagine it wouldn't take much to have Jim Evans and or Wayne Flynt come up from Montgomery with Annie Lucas Brown to have a seminar for the likes of Cole, Owen, and new State Senator Shadrack McGill in this teachable moment in the wake of a travesty of an election yesterday.
That's how it is playing in my Momma's hometown. How did it strike you where you are?


Blogger foxofbama said...

Sean Wilentz who had a great chapter on Barton Stone, Doc Watson and the Sacred Harp in his recent cultural biography of Bob Dylan; in a separate piece wrote about Glen Skousen, the Bircher, and his influence on the Tea Party in New Yorker Magazine.
Hope it is an article my friends in the blog can consider, especially Ms. Cole the Bama Statewide GOP Committeewoman as they continue to consider what they wrought yesterday.
Former Bams Lt. Gov candidate, Red Etheredge, remembers hearing about George Truett growing up in the Baptist Church in South Alabama. Maybe Collinsville Baptist can get the new bio of Truett by Keith Durso and share with Etheredge; but better, after viewing the segment on God and Caesar to discuss with Matthew when he visits his hometown; the can read Andrew Murphy's Prodigal Nation to better put Francis Schaefer in perspective.
Judge Frank Johnson and Atticus Finch, not to mention Jesus Christ himself as digested in the Baptist Witness in America would expect no less of them given the influence they have where they live.
As Jeremiah Wright said: "It's in the Bible."

3:10 PM  
Blogger MUCKRAKER said...

Read a lot of names, some of which were familiar, but never quite understood anything since names can’t substitute for substance. For the latest tag for Obama and his ilk, go here: Oligarchy or Term Limits?.

5:32 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Here is note I just left the MRacker on his blog:

Here is what you haven't read

David Remnick's The Bridge
Jill Lepore: The Whites of Their Eyes
Sean Wilentz on The Birch Society, Glen Skousen and the Tea Parties; and his book Bob Dylan in America.
You were a wise man I imagine in the 50's; but your time has past.
Mine will pass soon.

Otherwise hope things are well with you.
Do read the Bob Dylan chapter on the Sacred Harp and Doc Watson song The Lone Pilgrim. May be some common ground for us to discuss at

12:05 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...


That is what Jill Lepore detests as this Kirkus Review, to use a Sarah Palin colloquialism, Shouts out:

Lepore (American History/Harvard Univ.; New York Burning: Liberty, Slavery, and Conspiracy in Eighteenth-Century Manhattan, 2005, etc.) explores the nexus of the American Revolution, the understanding and telling of history and today’s Tea Party.

For a number of years, the author has been contributing pieces to the New Yorker on American colonial history, pithy commentaries shaped by historical evidence and a storyteller’s hand. Here she braids those essays together, which makes them more satisfying and meaningful than if they were merely collected in an anthology. Lepore mixes in thoughts on the historian’s craft, and in particular the misuse of history by the Tea Party, that two-year-old gathering of anti-tax, anti-Obama and, as Lepore shows, anti-history folks. The author is not smug in her treatment of the Tea Partiers, but she refuses to allow them to kidnap and torture history so that it is reduced to fit their fundamentalist mold—fundamentalist in the sense of conflating originalism (that the intent of the framers is fixed and knowable), evangelism and heritage tourism, and uninterested in the historical evidence of the American Revolution, that “messy, sprawling, decades-long affair.” They treat the past as prologue, but it is a fictive past, writes the author, “reductive, unitary and, finally, dangerously anti-pluralist”—for example, the attempt to draw a parallel between the health-care law and the Intolerable Acts. For Lepore, history—“which is controversial, contentious and contested…picky, demanding, and vital”—is hard enough to grasp without willed ignorance.

Learned, lively and shrewd.

1:37 PM  

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