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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brett Morgen, Billy Graham and the Mississippi Counterevolution

As you see in some recent blogs I finally got my hands on Steven Miller's excellent work on Billy Graham and the Southern GOP. Birddogging the footnotes in the first chapter I came across this provocative title; In Search of Another Country, White Mississippians and the Counterevolution. I'm hoping it picks up where Miller left off and helps explain how SBC's Paul Pressler and the Texas Regulars were ablt to jackleg Baptists in the South. Miller takes a pass on that one, let's Billy Graham off the hook.

And the book should help me understand Charles Pickering a little better and his larger universe.

Brett Morgen gave an interview last year in wake of his ESPN 30/30 effort June 17th. Today I found the May 31, 1993 Birmingham Post Herald article about the premiere of his Blessings of Liberty at the Collinsville Baptist church.

The 20th Anniversary of the filming is coming up.
More on all this as I attempt to weave it together in the coming weeks.


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