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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Collinsville Gets Pulitzer Treatment

Pulitzer Prize Winner Rick Bragg has been visitting Collinsville Trade Day since he was six years old.
Has a great essay in current Southern Living Magazine, as good as George Singleton's celebration of Dozo's in Easley, South Carolina last Summer in Oxford American. (see my blog on Bronwen Dickey; and see the blu ray feature of Tru Grit on their celebration of Charles Portis, the author.

Bragg is a fan of Ron Rash. With Pat Conroy and Padgett Powell he endorses Mark Richard's House of Prayer, No. 2, a memoir that along with the writings of Bragg, every public library in the Southeast ought to shelve a copy.

Enough intro; copy and paste this sterling link

My comment is number 18, the entry of July 7; about 11 after Michelle McPherson whose boy Jack is getting proper timing of things.


Anonymous Jack's comment said...

If you click on Jack's comment, the Bragg's grand piece in Southern Living should appear.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous RB's opening said...

Here are Bragg's opening two sentences; a helluvan intro.

Read the piece even if you never set foot in Alabama.

Five years ago, my brothers and I drove to a vast flea market in Collinsville, Alabama, to buy a bantam rooster for our mother. We left with two ducks, two chickens, a Hamilton watch, two fig trees, a sack of green onions, a bone-handled pocketknife, a bushel of sweet potatoes, a four-way lug wrench, a goat named Ramrod, and a ball-peen hammer.

6:30 PM  

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