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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Richard Shelby, Morning Joe and UMC Bishop Willimon

I called Senator Shelby's office in D.C. this morning and left a message that I would be blogging later on today so I don't want to disappoint them in case they take a look at my infamous blog.
I've asked the Senator Three of four Questions at Town Hall meetings over the last 20 odd years here in Alabama and early on wrote a letter that got published in the Bham News that I think caught the attention of his staff.
His staffer in D.C. was quite hospitable to me when I called last Thursday and I appreciate that.
The Senator spoke at Sylvania High School several years ago and there I asked him if he considered himself more a Bob Dole/Nancy Kassebaum kind of Republican or Jerry Falwell stripe. He went with Dole Kassebauam.
Now the question is framed well by Religion Dispatches in an easily googled piece about difference between Eisenhower and Demint Republicans.
I commend that piece to any U Bama Poli Sci student as they consider one of their most famous and powerful grads.
In Mentone Alabama two years ago the Senator made reference to his wife and how proud he was of her doctorate in History (I think). But he also said they trusted Fox News for their bearings.
I'm a little disturbed by that as well as the recent James Fallows Atlantic piece I'll link in a comment.
Would also direct the Senator's staff to UMC North Bama Bishop Willimon's peculiar prophet blog on Huntingdon College upcoming lectures by Wayne Flynt. And of course the Senator and the campus for which fellow alum Joe Scarborough recently praised the Senator for the money he has brought there will want to assess the Senator's news gathering favorite by the current cover story in Rolling Stone Magazine on Fox News.
I would also bring the Senator's audience attention to a piece by Howell Raines of December 1983 on Bear Bryant and George Wallace. Senator Shelby and Coach Saban may want to discuss that piece with Mrs. Dr. Shelby and some folks from History and Poli Sci departments at U Bama as they grapple with how to virtuosly with integrity be honest about how they position themselves in regard the Tea Party, if it is fair to say the Tea Party now has a lot in common with George Wallace of the sixties.
For more on that consider my friend Colin Harris recent piece easily googled at Ethics on immigration reform.
Frank Johnson was an Alabama Republican. Many consider him the 2nd greatest man to breathe the Air of Alabama in the 20th Century. I hope Shelby will use Johnson as the plumbline as he tacks and spins and governs with much influence in these delicate days in our Great Country.
Again, Senator Shelby has been gracious toward me in the past. Would be honored if someone from his staff actually reads this blog and takes a look at the references herein and makes a comment.
Hope things otherwise are well with all.


Anonymous Fallows article said...

If you click on Fallows, the article he recently placed at Atlantic Monthly should appear.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Mark of Tuscaloosa in 8-1NYTimes said...

Tuscaloosa, ALAugust 1st, 20111:39 pmTotal madness. This is the ugliest, most shameful episode I've ever seen in Washington. I voted for President Obama and still support him, but he has allowed a rogue element in the Republican Party to extort a deal that threatens to strangle the economy.

The Tea Party (which has absolutely nothing in common with those who fought against taxation without representation in the 18th century) is a gang of ignorant, self-righteous demagogues who are out to destroy government. Maybe they should realize that the roads they travel on were made the government. The schools they send their kids to are part of the government. The police who protect them are part of the government. The fireman who respond to their burning houses are from the government. The airports they fly to and from are run by governments. The very jobs they have in Congress are government jobs!

The way out of a horrible economy is to spend money on infrastructure and projects that create jobs. Strangling the nation's finances in the name of liberty is an outrage. The president should have invoked the 14th Amendment and told them to take it or leave it.
Recommend Recommended by 1277 Readers Report as Inappropriate

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe our preacher, Dr. J. Morgan should pay a visit to Bishop Willaman and pray with him; and show him how the Tea Party was sent of God to show peopul the way back home, don't you? Otherwise, your comments are inaproppriate AND UN-DECENT XX

5:45 PM  

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