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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Billy Graham, Joe McCarthy, Fox News and Issa Hearings

     Fox News parked on the righteous indignation of Elijah Cummings yesterday in the Issa Hearings. I called his D.C. Office this morning as well as Trey Gowdy. I'm proud of Elijah and his righteous indignation. I hope he raises the level in a moment comparable to when Eisenhower took Joe McCarthy to the woodshed.
     Google the New Yorker piece on Issa. Checkered past. The real issue here as N.C.'s Kay Haygood is spotlighting in her Senate Race against Art Pope and the Koch brothers is Americans United.

    The Other issue is roger ailes of the Nixon Administration and Fox News. There is a new bio of Ailes: "The Loudest Mouth in the Room". Elijah should bring that up for Issa and Gowdy.

    gowdy goes to church where Billy Graham has his membership, fbc Spartanburg. Can't BenGhazie Gowdy learn something from Graham's historic entanglements with Nixon. If not what good is FBC Spartanburg. Where does Gowdy have the Mah Fyburr to joust with Elijah Cumming.

     So lets talk about the real matter here. enough of Trey Gowdy wearing his so called "Christian" street cred on his sleeve under Billy Graham's skirt while fronting for the Pharisees. Jesus threw them out of the Temple.

    Hey Jesus, this time throw Roger Ailes out Toooo!

    Read Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America; and Molly Worthen's Apostles of
Reason. If you have acquaintances in Upstate South Carolina, in Jesus name give em a call and tell them to speak truth to the little Banty Rooster Fox News Darlin Trey Gowdy and vote against him. Bonhoeffer and Jesus would, on that I am clear!


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