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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Homily for SEC Primary

     Here is my text from current New Yorker article by Paul Finebaum's friend at the New Yorker, David Remnick; article on Mother Emanuel

     Darby smiled and engaged her in chitchat about the heroic heat and humidity before he resumed: “Remember, there was not a trace of ambiguity about what happened here. They couldn’t pull out a rap sheet—these were nine people of impeccable character—and they were killed in a church by a white man who wanted to kill black people to start a race war! And he said so! So it flies in the face of any notion of post-racial America, an America so proud of itself because it elected an African-American President. Some of the reaction is driven by the need to say, ‘It’s not me, I’m not like that.’ Dylann Roof is not that extraordinary. He is kind of typical—extreme, but typical. If you build a politic, as we have done in America since Nixon and Reagan, in which election strategies are based on distrust of the other, well, some folks will react on a political level and vote based on racial fear. The truly unbalanced will do what this kid did.”  end quote

   Jeb! Bush was at the Georgia South Carolina game Saturday. It made a story on NPR. SEC primary is big this year and Bama is in play, especially on the "Christian ministry" of Crawford Broadcasting in Bham. See my blog Yellowhammer Quackery.

      Bush 41 in 1966 addressed the Harris County Texas John Birch Society putting his political future on the line. Since that time the Bushes from Lee Atwater to Karl Rove have joined the compromises of Nixon and Reagan to place the party of Lincoln in an Atticus Finch of Go Set a Watchman disposition. The latest is the thicket of Carson and Trump re Muslim presidents.

   FTR I am not disposed to vote for a Muslim for President but I did vote for Barack Obama twice. not just because he is a Christian but because I am a good Baptist.

   The Baptist callers and hosts at Crawford Broadcasting and Trey Gowdy's FBC Spartanburg Truth for a New Generation conference are of a different stripe. They are spotlighted with some dismay in Robert Wuthnow's Rough Country and Randall Balmer's recent religious political bio of President Carter.
   Last night on Fox News the National Reviews Rich Lowry said the last last three Democrat Presidents, and he named them, Carter, Clinton and Obama have been weak on radical Islam.
    Furman, Carson Newman, Wake Forest, Samford, Baylor and Wofford and Birmingham Southern and other historic Baptist and Methodist institutions must engage this moment. Bone up on Wuthnow and Balmer and Emory's Joe Crespino.
   Fundamentalism across religious traditions is the problem. I think Bush 41 in 1966 was figuring that out but he shapeshifted to stay with the party.
   This conversation is serious. Meet the Press and Joe Scarborough can have Balmer and Wuthnow on in the next ten days.
     Bennett and Sherman are talking about it nuancing the black lives matter conversation.
     If David Remnick is wrong, past time for Paul Finebaum to explain it to Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn Steve Spurrier and their "Christian" friends at Crawford Broadcasting and Trey Gowdy's Truth for a New Generation.


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