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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ted Cruz, Radical Islam and Jim Deloach

Ted Cruz was shaped in part by the academy of 2nd Baptist Church Houston Texas and its assistant minister Jim Deloach and influential layman Paul Pressler

    Diane Rehm Show of NPR today had a fascinating conversation with Ali Hirsi about the need for Islam to have a Refromation.

    2nd Houston pastor Ed Young has roots in Upstate S.C. at FBC Taylors in the 60s, then FBC Columbia where he hooked up with Nixon Southern Strategist Harry Dent and brought on board James Delaoch a fundamentalist Baptist preacher from Rock Hill who was key in flipping SEBTS in in North Carolina to hard core fundamentalism and the Jesse Helms political machine.

   Cruz is a proudct of all that stew marinated by Paul Pressler whose family appears o have fought every progressive move in Texas since the Coke Stevenson/LBJ senate race of 1948.

If you don't believe me ask Bill Moyers and now Robert Wuthnow of Princeton and his new book Rough Country, even better reviewer Thomas Powers in the Oct 9 piece.

   Have Bill Moyers on the Diane Rehm show with Thomas Powers or myself. We'll lay out the similarities to the world of Ted Cruz that concern Miss Hirsi so as she testified today on National Public Radio.

   James Delaoch is for real. Ask Randall Lolley about his experience with Delaoch; or the Likkud party with whom Deloach has hooked up to usher in Armageddon like he reads it literally in the Book of Revelations!


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