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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Atticus Finch and Scalia's Replacement

    Harper Lee was buried in Monroeville, Alabama Sunday a Day after Antonin Scalia rites in D.C. Lee was a Methodist, Scalia a hardline Catholic.

    My friend Wayne Flynt delivered an exquisite eulogy, one Miss Nelle approved of and heard five years before she died.

    You don't have to have much of an imagination to know Judge Frank Johnson of Civil rights fame--see Taylor Branch The King Years and Judge Johnson's divine utterance in the face of George Wallace lawyers--was Atticus Finch incarnated. As I have often repeated on this board, Bill Moyers said had Frank Johnson lived during the Civil War he woulda been Abe Lincoln, and had Lincoln lived in Bama during the Civil Rights era he woulda been Judge FRank Johnson.

   Now it is up to the good people of Bama to hold Richard Shelby accountable. Can he have a town hall meeting with Derrick Henry, Nick Saban and Mark Ingram and others from the Auburn and Bama football programs and explain to them how in the face of Atticus Finch, Harper Lee and Judge Frank Johnson he's gonna stand with the Jesse Helms, the early George Wallace's the Birchers and the Tea Party and be a Mitch McConnell obstructionist and deny the first black president of the United States nominee to replace Scalia a fair hearing.

    Forget race, Johnson, one of the two greatest men to breathe the air of Alabama in the 20th Century, saw the Constitution as "living breathing" document.

   Alabama has a chance to show its higher nature or it once again can show it's ass in these deliberations.

   Would be an excellent topic for Cruz and Rubio to bandy about at Samford University when the Primary comes to town.

   I think I know where Tom Corts woulda been on this one; and it aint with Rick N Bubba.


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