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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clemson and the Natty

  My call was on hold for 52 minutes on Jan 12 to get on the Paul Finebaum show but he never took my call. I wanted to talk about the Clemson's win over the Tide and Nick Saban's process. I know what the score was but I also know a little about virtue and who had the more noble program and deserving championship in that contest.

    I confess I was never a big Clemson fan, in fact I made a derogatory comment loudly against the former Basketball Coach Tates Lock in a 1974 Furman Clemson basketball game at Clemson when Baron Hill and Clyde Mayes were on the court.

    But a lot of my friends from Gaffney South Carolina went to Clemson and my niece is a grad and her husband turned up a bright orange shirt  in Clemson and I got my pick on Skins Facebook wall .....for me the Saturday after new year's day and my sister did a Wikipedia reading of the end of Woody Hayes career and I could say more.

   Niece and hubby were at the game and my friend Lynn Arve of Wahalla sports fame; and Gaffney was represented by Sylvia Mintz and many others I haven't heard from yet. Sylvia's daughter Mimi is a Bama Senior and they live in Clemson so they had lot of things to think about.

    Wayne Whiteside and Danny Parker were Clemson fans and Warren Ratchford played there and Tim Childers made the highlight film in the 82 Natty and more.

   Four bad things about Bama. A lot of their fans are ignorant and arrogant and think the state is a better place when the football team does well. See Paul Theroux's take on Bama fans in Deep South.

   Don't cuss me, read the book.

   Even Greg McElroy one of the better products of the Process concedes the overriding reason 5 stars go to the Bama is not some allegiance to the Bear or the Legends or the Program or because of anything Bammers like to talk about; it's because of The Money. They figure Nick Saban has the best chance of getting them a big fat NFL contract so The PIMP brings them to Bama and the Rest is Horseshit.

Espn reinforced the point saying if Nick Saban gave every player on his roster 50,000 dollars a piece his base salary would still be 3 million dollars. Some call that recruiting but that kinda money would make even a good pimp wince.

    And consider this. Tim Childers aunt, Libby Mitchell a 63 Furman grad and before that a Gaffney High Grad where she was President of the Student Body, ran for Governor or Maine a few years ago. Compare her politics to that of Bammer's Senior Senator Richard Shelby. His re-election campaign this year is despicable. No Judge Frank Johnson is He.

  And here is a political angle I can't get my head around. Dabo was a classmate of rightwing talk radio host and Birmingham, Alabama personality Andrea Lindenberg. She and Rick and Bubba are poison not so much for what they think they know, but what they don't know about Jesus and politics; and its sad and poisonous. Dabo needs to pray with her after he talks to Clemson grad Marion Aldridge and the voice of the Clemson Tiger Band, Tim Willis, The Rabbi.

    My paragraphs got out of order. Go back to the horseshit for proper sequencing and transitional phrasing.  Well most of it. There are some good stories like there are in in Whorehouse. For instance I love Kenny Stabler, a great American, and Scott Hunter had that conversation with the Bear about Grace and President Kennedy came to the game in 62 against Notre Dame but a lot of the rest of it is Horseshit.

   I did have a good conversation in 2012 with McElroy and Finebaum on air about it all. The took notes as they should.

   I'm not a sore loser, I played trombone but I do appreciate the drama and the Heart  of football as you can see in my piece two years ago on the Gaffney Spartanburg game in 69

   One more  random thoughts. Renfrow and Deshaun Watson they won that game Monday night. Saban pulled off a pooch kick with a soccer player from Poland and Calhoun Georgia. Roll tide.


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