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Monday, October 30, 2017

Frank Johnson, Nick Saban and St Francis Catholic Church vs Rick Burgess and the Know Nothing Alt Bama SBC in US Senate Race

      Friends as I recently blogged the devil Steve Bannon is on the ground in Bama seeking whom he may devour and the Alabama Southern Baptist Convention is struck mute, as flatfooted was the 8 Ministers to whom Martin Luther King sent the letter from the Birmingham Jail in 1963, Martin England courier. See Robinson essay Memory in the Givenness of Things to conjure up where Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be were he among us in the flesh in Bama now. He would be calling on Rick Lance to get right with Jesus, Lance the CEO of the BAMA SBC.

   Rick Burgess is the keynote speaker of the Bama SBC in Huntsville Nov 14. I expressed my reservations about his influence on the Facebook wall of Jax State, His alma mater and they blocked me from further comment. So much for what was once a grand institution educating the likes of my Grandfather for a career in public education. Now Rick Burgess and their wannabee football program apparently has them by the balls and Glen Browder and Brandt Ayers are of the past--google Mind Revisited, Crowther, Oxford American for Ayers lament.

    Jared Sexton on booktv live from Nashville Sunday week ago said public education is party to blame, no critical thinking, for setting up a mediocre voting public that gave us Donald Trump. If Sexton is right JSU may be the poster child and I can name at least one former assistant School supe in DeKalb County Alabama that should do the promotional videos for the teachers track at JSU.

     That said what about the Honors Program at U Bama, and their Legend Richard Shelby. Is he as dumbfounded by this moment as Rick Lance and the facebook wall of Jax State.

   One bright light seems to be Nick Saban's St Francis Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. Nick Saban's inference Trump was "deceitful" (Saturdays Down South) after the Huntsville Sonsabitches aside, is some indication somebody is thinking this through in Tuscaloosa. Some Baptist Revenants say St. Francis is as scared of the Know Nothing adventure of Roy Moore and Bannon, as Hispanics are of their colleagues Jeff Sessions and Kris Kobach.

    Judge Frank Johnson whose Constitutional views in part were shaped in the Baptist Church and the North Star of George W. Truett told George Wallace Lawyers: "the matter of contempt is for this court to decide, and not the alleged contemptors!"

   Richard Shelby, Sessions, Rick Lance, are no Frank Johnsons. He was a Lincoln Republican. They are Bannon Birch Trump Republicans, a travesty of a once great American political party. For the Know Nothings, see Harold Bloom in the Great American Religion; and Sidney Blumenthal's recently minted second installment of a trilogy, Lincoln in the 1850s.

    Here is a link to my alt right friend Right Reverend Steve Gaines formerly of Gardendale Bama, now at the Adrian Rogers Mega Bellevue in Memphis. In the picture you see Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn spiritual menton Ronnie Floyd on the left, that's big Steve on the Right.

   Twenty years ago and counting March 93 I was in the sanctuary of the FBC Bham with Gaines and a 1,000 Baptist preachers for an Inquisition orchestrated by the Bircher Albert Lee Smith for Samford President Tom Corts.

   And here we are now with the dark cloud of Moore and Bannon looming in Bama. Somebody fumbled, dropped the ball. I don't know if Nick and St Francis can carry the rest of us over the line Dec 14.

   God Help Us!!!

   Also see , google Religious Right out of the Closet, Religion Dispatches!!!


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