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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Vince Dooley, SEC's Greg Sankey, The Georgia Gube race and so called Christians backing GOP Kemp a Trumper and SOBs.

        Vince Dooley the UGA coaching legend and Donald Trump who called U Bama Heisman Trophy Winner Derrick Henry a son of a bitch last fall in Huntsville Alabama two days before the Titans played the Seahawks in Nashville; Dooley endorsed the Super Trumper Bryan Kemp for next Governor of Georgia.

    Dooley ought to know better. Now more than ever, SEC Football is in play this fall in the Ga Gube race and in the Bama 3rd Congressional race that borders the Ga/Bama line from Weiss Lake and the Leesburg Gun Shop in the North to Auburn University and Opelika on the south end sliver.

   Lot of Auburn grads along that border and way on into Atlanta as well. And US Carolina's Will Muschamp was raised in Rome Georgia where his father coached James Dickey's alma mater, Darlington Prep School.

    So it's a barrel of Race politics as Kemp's opponent is a woman of color.

   Brian Kemp is an active member of the Emanuel Episcopal Church in Athens Ga but apparently never read the great Sermon of the Great Episcopalian preacher Fleming Rutledge on the legacy of Will D. Campbell. And it doesn't appear he was listening if Barbara Brown Taylor of nearby Clarkesville came over to his church as guest presenter of The Gospel.

   His wife, an Argo was a UGA Cheerleader, and her father a wealthy insurance executive. So maybe that had more to do with Vince Dooley's endorsement than the politics of Mike Hubbard, Herschel Walker and the poison of Trump interpretation of Kaepernick and how he Trump came to call all people of color who don't follow his line on the matter Sons a bitches. Did Condi Rice ever say anything. I'm pretty sure Richard Shelby hasn't uttered a peep to date even with his Roy Moore tipping points, but Nick Saban did say something a day after Derrick Henry stayed in the locker room in Saturday's Down South. I know cause I heard Paul Finebaum say so!

     And it is a test for the alleged new direction of the Southern Baptist Convention under the presidency of JD Grear. How many white Baptists in Georgia will vote for a Black woman this fall and who among them will escape the cloud of Fox News when they make their decision?

    Dooley's shepherd of Herschel Walker, Mike Hubbard moved to Auburn where he did the same for Bo Jackson, then flipped the state house in Bama in 2010 from Dems to Republican mostly Super Trumpers.

    And Hubbard's son as an aside just graduated from Marshall Frady and my alma Mater Furman, which also provided the great education to longtime archivist for the state of Alabama Edwin C Bridges.

   I haven't consulted Bridges, and Frady passed away in 2004 but I doubt they have the enthusiasm for Kemp Dooley has displayed, and for certain they would not give Donald Trump a pass for calling Derrick Henry and Mark Ingram sonsabitches.

    So here we are with immigration DACA, NRA politics and school safety, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta which sponsors ten Syrian refugee families and this Kemp clown running in Jesus name to be the Governor of the same state that elected Jimmy Carter 50 years ago.

    Here Coach Dooley, why don't you enlist some retired SEC Coaches in a group read with Paul Finebaum this fall of Vandy (SEC) Proff Jon Meacham's Soul of America. I think Greg McElroy the Rhodes Scholar nominee could read along with you as well as a select group of students from the Honors Program at Bama and Nick Saban's Catholic Youth Ministry at St Francis in Tuscaloosa.

   Last night on Fox News, the mouthpiece for Donald Trump's America, Tucker Carlson said "The overwhelming majority of Humanities Professors teaching in American Colleges and Universities today have no Integrity"

    Will you Coach Dooley leave that statement uncontested and Fox News and outside special interest ad buys carry the day in your Beloved Georgia and your Alma mater Auburn; or is it time for elevated discourse in this contest that is rapidly gaining the Nation's Attention.


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