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Born May 18, 1953; got saved at Truett Memorial BC in Hayesville, NC 1959. On rigged ballot which I did not rig got Most Intellectual class of 71, Gaffney High School. Furman Grad, Sociology major but it was little tougher than Auburn football players had Had three dates with beautiful women the summer of 1978. Did not marry any of em. Never married anybody cause what was available was undesirable and what was desirable was unaffordable. Unlucky in love as they say and even still it is sometimes heartbreaking. Had a Pakistani Jr. Davis Cupper on the Ropes the summer of 84, City Courts, Rome Georgia I've a baby sitter, watched peoples homes while they were away on Vacation. Freelance writer, local consultant, screenwriter, and the best damn substitute teacher of Floyd County Georgia in mid 80's according to an anonymous kid passed me on main street a few years later when I went back to get a sandwich at Schroeders. Had some good moments in Collinsville as well. Ask Casey Mattox at if he will be honest about it. I try my best to make it to Bridges BBQ in Shelby NC at least four times a year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

High School Football playoffs and Collinsville Turkey Trot

         Ive been in Bama for a little over 30 years and the annual Turkey Trot second Saturday in November was one of the best ever in my stay here. The Trot goes back to the 1920's, most likely My Momma saw her first one in when she was three years old. I have blogged before about the "wildly Flopping gobblers" as written up by a U Bama recruiter who passed on a train in the late 20s.

    Maybe it was the weather or Martha Barksdale's thousand dollar raffle for the Cricket Theatre that got folks out but it was a good one. James Payton had trouble getting a squealer for the greased Pig contest this year, but every thing else was rollin from the Chili Taste Test Competition, the Dog Show, the Cakewalk ( lost this year but got me an Italian Cream Cake last) to Jeff Graves Ribs fundraiser for the Athletic Club.

   And Martha had her History Museum open with Rebecca Brindley Clayton doing most of the chatting.....I didn't win the raffle but one a burger coupon a Big Jack on their roulette wheel of fortune. Lauren was there spinnin but she don't take books back to NACC lyberry.

   But the star of the show this year was Ronnie Osborne's group Still Kickin headlined by local Celebrity Tim Watson on the fiddle and his son on kick ass harmonica. Great job on Devil Went Down to Georgia and Tim said he played it six times a day for about ten years during his three decade stay around Nashville and the Grand Ole Oprey. My fave when it's just Ronnie o and group as Dwight Yoakm Fast as You complete with the Sic Em.

      Collinsville had a shot at the Bama 2a state Championship. Were about to score to go ahead 16-14 with a minute to go on Aliceville's 22 or so but the opposition picked off a pass and ran it back all the way. Payton Anderson of the intimidating Fyffe Red Devils broke his foot and they are half a team without him. Collinsville played them even for three quarters earlier in the  year. And Addison was to come to Collinsville this Friday were it not for the interception near the Mississippi line.

     The locals chartered a fan  bus for that trip

    Meanwhile the Mighty Indians, Top 50 all time High School Dynasty according to Max Preps, are still alive and face Byrnes this Friday at the cracker Barrel exit 63 on 85 in Upstate SC. Byrnes is the home of SC Gamecock's QB Bentley and where Marcus Lattimore played. I don't think Gaffney ever beat Marcus, but we beat em with Sidney Rice.

    Bear Bryant's great grandson went down against Tua's brother Friday night. I had planned to see the Tyson boy in Trussville but that chance has gone forever. They say he is tall but I never saw him in person.

    A kid Dylan Thomas I think his name was killed earlier this year in Zebulon, Pike County Ga. I lived there for two years some time ago and mourn their loss. Was a big story in Georgia this year. They were to play in Savannah last weekend after an overtime win ten days ago..


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