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Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine Update/ Bringing Matthew's Yale to Collinsville

Feb 14. Just found this today at Faith in Public Life. Interesting Doings AT Yale, the Collinsville City Council and it's "key mainstreet constituency" Kettering Forums and what not should be aware of.
Investigate this exhaustively; and be sure to read the first comment

Feb 7 or so
Just sent Matthew Morgan, recent Grad of Yale Divinity School, who still resides in the Region an invitation to attend the lectures of my friend Brent Walker at Yale next week.
Kind of a different take on church state issues than I have been able to fathom observing Collinsville City Hall and what passes for most Baptists in the region; though I am quite fond of almost all but 5-7 of them.
Don't know if Matthew's visiting professor Randall Balmer's book Thy Kingdom Come is in the Collinsville Library yet. I would hope that Annie Lucas Brown and Rebecca Mitchell would bring it to the Library's attention, given they have a progressive plant in the town in Matthew.
And Kate Campbell has conversation tonight in New Caanan with my friend Ellen Rosenberg.
Whether any of this gets me back on the church roll where my Momma was baptized remains to be seen. Some upcoming conversations this spring show signs of a small ray of hope, else my fears the Golyovov Family's hypocrisy infests the region my prevail.
Catatonia is always an option.

But Rejoice Brent Walker is incarnating the True Religion at Yale

Walker, Hollman to participate in Ivy League church-state forums
Walker to take part in 'Voices & Votes' at Yale Divinity BJC Executive Director J. Brent Walker will participate in Voices & Votes: Religious Convictions in the Public Square at Yale Divinity School, Feb. 11 - Feb. 13.
Hosted by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and the Yale Forum on Faith and Politics, the symposium is open, without charge, to the Yale community and interested members of the public. In eight sessions over three days, panels and discussions will focus on issues such as The Media's Dance with Religion, The Political Packaging of Religion, Presidential Campaigns and the Shaping of America's Global Priorities, and Should Theology Shape Politics?
Voices & Votes: Religious Convictions in the Public Sqaure
Sun, Feb. 11 - Tues., Feb. 13
Location: Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect Drive, New Haven, Conn.

And Brent's associate Holly Hollman is going to Princeton


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