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Friday, January 19, 2007

"When you Kill a Man...."

There is a line in Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven at the heart of the Movie that goes: "When you kill a man, you take away all he's had and all he's ever going to have."
That goes for Iraq and this blog

as well as for nearer at home with the themes of Neighborhood and the movie Blue Velvet; one the Christian Century named as one of its Top Ten for 1984.
Dennis Hopper's Frank Booth kept coming back to the motif of a "neighbor, in the neighborhood."
Hopper's Paris Trout has a great line, well several as evil goes, all "All Ether County gonna hear about this."
But the killer dies too. In the 1986 movie, The Mission, the Deniro character tells the Priest he killed his Brother; and the priest tells him but you loved your Brother.
Is there absolution for that, and what does the Brother gain from it all. Will Campbell seemed to want to tell Sam Bowers he could be absolved, if Fleming Rutledge gets it right in her sermon God Damned Christians.
How much do you take off a known bully. When is it time to kill a man.
The Second greatest man to breathe the air of Alabama in the 20th Century, according to me and Howell Raines, was Judge Frank Johnson. Of him Bill Moyers said if he had lived in Lincoln's time he woulda been Lincoln, and had Lincoln lived in Montgomery, Alabama in the 50's and 60's, he woulda been Judge Frank Johnson.
Johnson said there were two men he could never forgive, he would leave it in the Hands of the Lord. One was George Curley Wallace, and the other was the man who dynamited Johnson's Mother's home by mistake, Tommy Tarrants. Tarrants had intended to dynamite Judge Johnson's home.
Had a strong conversation last night about Iraq and George W. Bush with a borderline coffee addict. I did most of the listening, cause the other party was making more sense.
Other party sometimes checks this blog. Maybe he will read the link above to go with his Jonathan Franzen Devotionals.

On another front for the neighborhood, Miguel De La Torre has a troubling essay in today's .

I'm not sure what to make of it. Would the chaos sure to follow his implementation of this aspect of the Kingdom of God override the aspirations.
Maybe the 80 progressive Baptists convening in Atlanta January 2008 have a clue, and maybe they have a plan to negotiate the South Carolina Presidential Thicket better than the good Baptists there let Richard Land and Karl Rove and the right to life community there get away with in Primary 2000.
And just maybe Artur Davis can unseat Jeff Sessions here in Alabama and Will Willimon will make certain sounds.
Who is to say. It is getting pretty much out of my hands, if I ever had a grasp in the first place.

Thornton, how did you like this one; I think it better than the golden spur.

Stephen Fox


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