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Monday, May 14, 2007

Chile Cheese Slaw Dawg at the Cracker Barrel

Let me get right to the point: I have studied the children's menu at Cracker Barrel for some time now cause that seems the best avenue to getting tea without paying 2 dollars for it. Course they will beat you every time, but they do have a clean operation as JOe Biden would say, and they got that fireplace if you can't afford one in your own home during the winter.
I have pondered and pondered what would it take to get a chili slaw dawg there, cause it ain't on the menu "at the present time" as my brother would say.
Here is about the best I can do. CBarrel has come up with some good chili, and if you ask the right folks when you go in there you can get chile and a cheese sandwich for about 3.99 including tea. If you boil a couple Hebrew Nationals and can slip em past the hostess in a small to middlin glad bag, you are three quarters of the way home.
I like Chic Fil A slaw the best, but Cbarrel will have to do cause you can only get so much in a glad bag and remain inconpicuous. And you always run the risk of leakage.
If this don't suit you, go to Upstate South Carolina and get a skin's hot dog "All the way." That means chile, then find the closest CFA you can and get some slaw and you are getting pretty close, minus the Hebrew National.
Skins has a branch in Cornelia, Georgia if you can't make it all the way to Anderson and that vicinity.
Open to suggestions if any of yall got any.

Sfox, 54 soon and waning


Blogger Tim said...



Give me a Brat on white with spicey mustard and hot sourkrout!!! Woot!

Tim Dahl


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