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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Snyder Memorial, Baptists Today and Chic Fil A

Several matters I may develop in this blog as time goes on so you may want to come back to it on occasion.
First, my cousin Wendy Skelton Whitley is pictured with her husband Jonathan in a feature in the Current September 2007 Baptists Today, page 24. It is a story about Truett Cathy, the CEO of CFA focussing on his Berry scholarship program and children's home, one of many he operates in the Southeast and Brazil. Wendy and her husband are houseparents to 13 children there.
Congrats to Wendy, her Mom and Dad Bob and Vicky Skelton (Vick my first cousin) and her Grandmother Juanita, my Dad's sister. Vicky and Aunt Juanita, and I have had our differences over the years about the split in the SBC, but I am very proud of them for this deserved profile and good work.
In the 90's I had several freelance articles published in Baptists Today, the most recent in 2000, a story on difficulties at Samford University, Wendy's alma mater as well as that of her brother, Rob, featured in this year's Air Force Flyover at the Super Bowl. Rob and Wendy have a cousin in law who is a graduate of the Beeson Div School at Samford.
Back in March my friend Randall Balmer was a feature interview in Baptists Today. For some time I have been recommending Balmer and Charles Marsh become studied reading at, where my Uncle Prentice is a member. My encouragement at the Baps Today affiliated discussion board Baptistlife has become a point of contention between my Uncle and me and to use his terms, I got Nifonged there.
In the course of discussion there, I made a few remarks provoked by my Uncle calling me in effect a Jackass bum, a sloth and a vengeful something or another in a fit of hysteria. Trying to fend that off I get blamed for malicious attacks against Snyder Memorial and reprimanded by board adminstrators there.
Update Friday Sept 7: I received a thorough analysis from this morning by email; several items of which I have taken reservations to, but I do sincerely the good faith reply they have made in regard What I consider an often absurd, dysfunctional to put it mildly forty plus year relationship I have had with Winston Prentice Fox and the both of us with the rest of the family. I plan to blog extensively about that in the coming weeks, intersecting it with the Snyder circumstance as I find appropriate and led by conviction, in the parlance of some, Led of The Lord; who did call us out of Egypt as Pearl understood so magnificently on Page 240 of E.L Doctorow's Pulitzer nominated The March.
Note to Snyder; great Chapter on Fayetteville in there and all the Dead Mules floating down the river. From Doctorow you may want to go to Cormac McCarthy and from Cormac to Charles Marsh's great interview with Sam Bowers in God's Long Summer, and the thoughts on FRancis Schaeffer in his lastest WAyward Christian Soldiers, most apt for a progressive Baptist church that serves an academic and military community, but I digressed and ultimately it's your call.

I had several kind and gracious commendations of Snyder in the course of my repeated endorsements of the books I had a conviction about. I made a few remarks I wish I hadn't or should have said more diplomatically but that was not the theme of my argument with Uncle Prentice there.
He went ballistic on those few unfortunate remarks for which I apologize, and got his way. That is very sad.
One public housekeeping note.
Dr. Flick: You asked me to check my PM. I cannot check a PM if I cannot register. You and Bruce Gourley please email on your "unilateral" decision.
A modicum of Christian charity it seems to me, one I doubt the congregation of Snyder would disagree with if they had any inkling of the history of their Seniors Choir Director and myself; would be to bar Chaplain Fox retired from the board until this matter comes under further review. AT a minimum, since he despises me so, He no longer should go by "Uncle" Prentice there any longer, since at this moment he has one less nephew.
This family feud is a mockery of what my Mother and FAther lived their lives for, for what WD and Mary Alice Helton Fox (My grandparents and Prentice's parents) lived their lives for.
Furthermore, Doug Carver, the US Army Chief Chaplain for whom my Grandfather was a noted prayer warrior must be disappointed in this chapter in the Fox family as well.
If Beyers Naude, My Mother, Nelson Mandela, Oscar Romero and Jesus Christ can forgive; maybe I can too.
Right now, I don't know.

This is a rough draft. I may tweak later. I do hope to copy and email with further nuances to the staff at Snyder Memorial Soon.
I do wish many of them will read Balmer and Marsh closely; and effect what they have convictions about in that reading in their congregations.
At same time I wish them every element of grace and wisdom in their time of transition.
And likewise, if this comes to the attention of Truett Cathy, I ask him to consider Balmer's thoughts on his namesake George W. Truett in Balmer's celebrated book Thy Kingdom Come.

Stephen M. Fox
Sept 5, 2007

Oh, I forgot, irony of ironies, the cover story for the Sept Issue of Baptists Today is about the Hope of Bloggers to redeem the SBC.
And I do hope you get the irony of it all.
And maybe Tony Cartledge and Johnny Pierce will forgive me here, but subscribe to the magazine. And do know all readers and admirers are not of my temperament. (Insert smilie emoticon here)


Blogger foxofbama said...

Do check Johnny Pierce's blog at
He has the full text of his cover story on Reform Blogging in the SBC up at his blog for Sept 5 and interesting comments there.

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