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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

McCarthy and the Coen's Great No Country for Old Men

You are lacking and something of a fake if you take yourself seriously and don't go see this grand story on the big screen.
If you don't go see the Coen Brothers and McCarthy's NoCountry for Old Men.
I saw it this afternoon, and it is strong,like the Old Testament.

"Even with a steer, you can't be certain".

I'm gonna find the line in the novel.

Found "Cradle toCradle" yesterday in Paris Trout, a little different nuance in the novel than the movie.

Google up Cormac MCcarthy; and the CoenBrothers, Your life will have much more meaning if you do.

I like the way the movie ended with the sheriff's telling of the Dream about his Dad goin on upahead with the Fire (light) to the campground.

And find a way to see Jesse jAMES AND RObert Ford on a big screen.

And except for the five folks who know who they are,the rest of you have a Happy and Glorious Thanksgiving.

as a thanksgiving gift to yall i fount these two great passages from the script. You should read the book, but better,like John Morgan the son and I read McCarthy's Suttree. Would be great if somebody filmed that into an epic, from his East Tennessee period.
Google him up and go see the movie. End of Fox; now to Cormac and the Coens

...and then truss 'em up and slit their throats? Well here Charlie has one trussed up and all set to drain him and the beef comes to. It starts thrashing around, six hundred pounds of very pissed-off livestock if you'll pardon me...Charlie grabs his gun there to shoot the damn thing in the head but what with the swingin and twistin it's a glance-shot and ricochets around and comes back hits Charlie in the shoulder. You go see Charlie, he still can't reach up with his right hand for his hat... Point bein, even in the contest between man and steer the issue is not certain.
He takes a sip of coffee, leaving room for Carla Jean to argue if in-clined. She does not. Sheriff Bell hands a card across. ...When Llewelyn calls, just tell him I can make him safe. She takes the card. Sheriff Bell sips. ...Course, they slaughter beeves dif- ferent now. Use a air gun. Shoots out a nut, about this far into the brain ...
Animal never knows what hit him.Another beat. Carla Jean stares at him. Carla Jean Why you telling me that, Sheriff? Bell I don't know. My mind wanders

And from 20 pages later in the script

How'd you sleep? Bell I don't know. Had dreams.
Loretta Well you got time for 'em now. Any- thing interesting?
Bell Well they always is to the party concerned. Loretta Ed Tom, I'll be polite.
Bell Okay. Two of 'em. Both had my father. It's peculiar. I'm older now'n he ever was by twenty years. So in a sen- se he's the younger man. Anyway, first one I don't remember so well but it was about money and I think I lost it. The second one, it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback goin through the mountains of a night. We cut to night, and snow. Continuing in voice-over: ...Goin through this pass in the moun- tains. It was cold and snowin, hard ridin. Hard country. He rode past me and kept on goin. Never said nothin goin by. He just rode on past and he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down...The rider passes as described, horses' hooves drumming and scattering divots of earth 122and snow. ...and when he rode past I seen he was carryin fire in a horn the way people used to do and I could see the horn from the light inside of it. About the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was goin on ahead and that he was fixin to make a fire somewhere out there in allthat dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. Out there up ahead.

The rider recedes and the image fades, the horn bearing fire going last.

And finally, if you want to have a clue about the God of Cormac McCarthy's world, this link may help.


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