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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Great Movie; Go see it

Google it up and read some reviews. Great pacing, and Missouri,the setting becomes a character, a force in the movie. Landscape shapes the story and the camera masters every mood of the elements.
Both Ford and James were 5'8" and had blue eyes. That's in the movie and the trailer. The premonitions of nancy grace in about the 5th act, though some revenants say there should be only three, is very good aspect.
One thing that struck me and hits of oncoming modernism is the domesticity of the most significant violence. It's indoors,not outside.
And hints of the museum ofGod and Museum of Crime all around, especially in the background fiddle hymn I mention elsewhere in this take.
See it twice; and don't wait for the DVD. This one deserves a bi screen viewing.
James Carville is the Governor of Missouri almost to as good affect as Billy Bob as DAvy Crockett playig the fiddle in the shank of the evening in The Alamo; though this flick far outdistances Alamo in every aspect.
I'm gonna say good as Godfather II or better though I may have to eat that assertion later.

Something else was on my mind; BBQ and fall sunlight; Phase three of The Church with reversion to PreConstantine models--I'm only as smart as the last lecture I heard--the world goes on without me; something I was thinking of about noon but I can't remember.

Brad Pitt and Carville did a good job with Ridley and the others, and the words and syntax are near perfect till somebody convinces me otherwise.

Fox In another movie Iliked a lot, a friendpointedout Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma draws three pictures. His drawings are of something of beauty. So this criminal has good in him. Not so much the duh of it as great character aspect developed in the movie.
And the friend says Crowe the criminal mostly kills bad people. His only true friend,outside the boy in the movie,is the FAther whose circumstances for redemption Crowe creates.
The critic in question says Crowe's character doesn't have to go to the STation by the time the story gets to that point,he only goes because it completes the opportunity for the Father's redemption in the eyes of the Son.


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