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Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Beef Tips and Russian History

Had some great beef tips at a good price for lunch and thought I'd make note of it.
Bill Glenn's Beef Tip Emporium, actually, Mtn Grill Restaurant in Dogtown or Ruhama, Alabama was the spot. About every six weeks on a Friday for lunch or until they run out, they get you full of Beef tips and rice for 3.99. If you can beat that price, please let me know.
He's only open on Friday and Saturday and Christmas by special appointment for Copeland's Bridge Baptist church and other groups. He and his staff do a good job with the regular fare, but this price and this item is up there with his Potato soup.
Even if you live in Nashville and are going to Birmingham on a Friday, it is worth going an hour out of the way. On the Lookout Mtn Parkway pretty much halfway between Ft. Payne and Collinsville or 3/5ths of the way between FPayne and Sand Rock or 1/3rd the distance to Centre, if you're going south.
Worth the ride over from Rome, Georgia, and Gadsden as well, not to Mention Guntersville, Alabama
Lot of history there as the proprietor is Mayor of Historic Sand Rock Alabama whose Ag teacher once interned for US Congressman Tom Bevill; and among Glenn's customers have been in recent past two folks who were present on the National Mall for the Obama Inauguration. A GOP Committeewoman was alleged to have dined there last weekend and she made it to the 2004 Inaugural when TExas shut down for a couple days and went to DC.
Right next door to the Restaurant is Ruhama School where Alabama Governor Don Siegelman gave a talk in 2003 in the presence of myself who asked a great question, and the Collinsville Librarian who didn't ask anything best I can remember.
Two Baptist preachers who have preached to United States Presidents have preached in the area. Well one President and two candidates.
Lamar Barden was interim at the Ruhama Baptist Church in early 90's. He had also been interim for President Carter at the Baptist Church in North George near Ellijay Carter frequented when fly fishing in those parts.
And my Dad was circuit rider to a couple Methodist Churches in the area. Fourth Sunday of August 1983, Billy Fox preached to George McGovern at Walden's Creek United Methodist Church outside Pigeon Forge, Tn for the Helton Reunion and then had lunch with McGovern with and his daughter and son in law and a bunch of Helton Cousins including Uncle Jack, Uncle Herman and Cousin Bush Helton, and Sam, Uncle Bill Helton's sons.
Uncle Bill Helton, born in the 1890's never owned a car, but slept most nightly more soundly than I ever have.
McGovern has written a book on Abraham Lincoln. I am trying to get a friend in South Dakota to get his autograph for my nephew Andrew was a remembrance of the day his Grandfather preached to him.

Which Brings us to an interesting discussion of Soviet Union History texts. I had occasion today to be reminded of it and want to bring it to a place for reference.

And that reminds me of Bob Dylan's son With God on Our Side, the second track in the credits of Oliver Stone's W; and that itself trumped by the first song which I will leave for you to discover for yourself with a possible followup blog.


Blogger foxofbama said...

My Russian tinyurl took you to online page nine of the article.
If you want to read the whole deal, at the bottom of the page and click on Number one. From there click on next page till you read it all.
Some typos in the blog as well; one I obviously meant Bob Dylan's song, not son.
But his Son Sam Dylan is part of local history. Sam has seen me on video, and former Mayor Willingham of Collinsville as we were two of the stars of the 92 documentary on Collinsville shown statewide.
Sam helped edit the film in LA. You can check the credits.
My historic last day in the Collinsville, Library, on or about Jan 20, 2006--I remember the Kangaroo court was the 24th while I was in church in Bham--I had just gotten an email from Robert Redford's friend Brett Morgen, who left Collinsville to become an Oscar nominated documentarian.
Most recently he has done a thing on truck drivers including one from Flat Rock, Alabama; and before that on the Chicago Ten; then one shown nationally just last fall on PBS.
I was in the frame of mind Jan 20 that day to pursue getting Bob Dylan on stage in Collinsville with Randy Owens and Emmy Lou Harris to do a fundraiser for the Collinville Public Library Historic transition to the RR tracks.
But as everybody in Collinsville knows other forces were in play.
History everywhere.
One more thing comes to mind.
Roger Dutton has eaten at Bill Glenn's place in Ruhama. Dutton among other hats has been chair of the Collinsville Historic Association.
I've seen him there twice, maybe three times.
Whether what I have just said makes the official history of Collinsville, only Martha knows.

12:41 PM  

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