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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gaffney (SC) Ledger on Obama Inauguration

Cody Sossamon finished Gaffney High School two year ahead of me. Me, 71 and Cody 69,.
Cody's Dad who was publisher of the Ledger before him was an all American Center at U South Carolina and player pro football couple years in the 50's for the New York Giants.
Just two weeks ago here in Alabama I was telling a good friend of the brother of former Clemson Coach Danny Ford--native of Gadsden, Al--some colorful stories about the Ledger and Clemson.
Mr. Sossamon was a trustee at USC as was one of Cody's sisters if I am not mistaken. All the more interesting for me to find his oped piece on the Obama inauguration a little curious.

Cody's Mother and her great friend Mrs. Reaves, sister of former Prez of the American Textile Manufacturers Inst President John Hamrick attended the final service of my Dad at Bethany Baptist Church in 1978 in a transitional neighborhood of Gaffney.
My Dad had great affection for Louis and Kat Sossamon and Mrs. Reaves and I have every reason to believe the feeling was mutual. I was in the choir the last Sunday and couldn't see Ms. Sossamon and Ms. Reaves. I asked Dad how they took it; he said they were crying the whole time.
The final essay of Jumpn Jim Crow, about Dynamite, is about an incident in Gaffney in 1956; written by Tim Tyson now semi famous for his memoir about a small town in North Carolina, Blood Done Sign my Name. A few chapter prior to Gaffney and the Dynamite story is phenom of an essay about race and the textile politics of Upstate South Carolina in the days of Olin D. Johnson of Spartanburg.
I could go on all afternoon; for the time being will say, with the affection I carry on for Cody's folks and Ms Reaves and the 2nd and third generation and all of Gaffney black white, pink and turquoise; I think Cody's appreciation for the Inauguration is a little dismissive.
Still I know Gaffney ain't an easy place, and all the colored folks aren't Saints. Even so maybe some discussion little later on in the year is in order.
From the Bama neighbor of the Uncle of Tyrone Nix, former Defensive Coordinator for Spurrier's edition of the Gamecocks; here is to hoping Cody may take a look at Jumpn Jim Crow and Blood Done Sign my Name and maybe gain a little more substantive appreciation of this remarkable moment.
Even so I join him in hoping for all our Sakes Obama's tenure is a successful one.


Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

As Andy Taylor would say, "Curious, mighty curious."

3:24 PM  
Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

Fox about Cody: ... gain a little more substantive appreciation of this remarkable moment.

The moment is about the importance of integration and differentiation instead of the preferred conservative social mode of assimilation, which neither allows differentiation or integration. I read at BaptistLife that you are resisting an assimilation attempt by DF by apparently refusing to post as does JM. Each of you have a particular way of communicating that is to be appreciated for what it is, but such does not appear to be the case. For one to seemingly suggest that each (in this case, you) be as the other is to give privilege to the one (in this case, not you) and little regard for the other (in this case, you). Not that any one is without fault and without need of improvement, but given the current frequency of pointing out your "faulty behavior and thought" but not the other is troubling for a board that began by giving a home and voice for moderates (who might go beyond O'Reilly and Fox News). My, and goodness how the board has changed. MLovell, God rest her soul, would likely have trouble recognizing it today. In any event, Fox, continue to refuse assimilation and press for integration and differentiation, for such will upset status quo and hopefully create conditions that emphasize "we (and the integrity of I to such)," something that has been greatly attenuated in this decade.

7:39 AM  
Blogger TonyaG said...

One of the Bombers I just found out was my estranged husbands Grandfather... I am trying to find out more info on this, articles pics etc... If any of you can help plz email me at Tonya568313@gmail subject line JR McCullough Thanks in advance

12:15 PM  

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