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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two blogs on the Baptists

One is from my friend John Pierce. I made a comment there about a fellow I knew briefly in Gaffney.
Would be interesting to see how your church, especially if it once showed the possibility of having some integrity toward what happenned in the Baptist world the last 25 years and fell short; compromised caused whiners wouldn't look things straight in the face or talked about Caanan while keeping their feet in Egypt of Karl Rove and Richard Land.

The other is from Wade Burleson, a young fellow in Oklahoma who is just now getting to know the Sam Currin I was writing about 20 years ago; the Currin with friends in the Eagle Forum casting aspersions on James Dunn while some folks of influence were devotees of Frank Schaeffer and James Dobson and had no clue who James Dunn was; and all of that is very sad, a big waste of talent.
Mart Gray and Annie Lucas Brown coulda used better leadership at the local level.

Ah, what the Hay, let's go for Three; or four

Parham, US Senator Graham, Richard Land and Harry Dent


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