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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reading list for 2012

Looks like it could be another tough year, but with what remains as reminder to myself and suggestion to you who read this.

Art of Fielding by Hornback

Charles Marsh new Bio of Bonhoeffer, publised by Knopf

Ron Rash new novel. His Serena is set to start shooting in Czech Republic in March starring Ree Dolly of Winter's Bone Fame.

Maybe the Orphan Master's Son

That one on the Girl Scout Manual I heard on NPR yesterday

Have finished The Anointed by Stephens and Giberson and recommend to all.

Will think of others as I go along

And this one, I got to read this one. As Frank Booth says in Blue Velvet: Got Ta Got Ta Got Ta:.....From the NPR review of Feb 10 Quoting:

Tupelo Hassman writes with such an eye for rough-and-tough detail, she obviously knows something about kids who have been given the dubious gift of premature autonomy. The narrator of her curious debut novel, Girlchild, is a trailer trash tyke named Rory Dawn Hendrix. Rory tells us her alcoholic mom, whom she idolizes, had four children by the time she was 19; Rory is her fifth. The pair live outside Reno, Nev., in a trailer paid for by Mom's jobs as a bartender, keno runner, and change girl at the casinos. Rory is left home alone a lot and, when she's not watching reruns of M*A*S*H or Family Ties or hiding from the boogeymen, real or imagined, banging on the trailer door, she's reading.

Like many a wise child before her, Rory finds consolation in books: her Bible of choice is a tattered old copy of The Girl Scout Handbook. The trailer park doesn't have a troop, but Rory constitutes a fearsome pack of one; she even awards herself her own homemade badges. Here, for instance, is one in a long list of Rory's requirements for the "proficiency badge [in] puberty":



Blogger foxofbama said...

Maybe Casey can use this for his next blog. From the NY Times review of Tupelo's debut novel:


Rory’s preoccupation with the Girl Scout Handbook underscores the vulnerability of her youth. She repeatedly checks it out of the library because “nothing else makes promises like that around here, promises with these words burning inside them: honor, duty and try.” Though a gifted speller and star student, Rory, still in elementary school, spends most of her energy navigating a deeply flawed adult world. She can “cuss” and “have birth control as soon as I ask,” and plays with the jukebox at the Truck Stop, where her mother, Jo, tends bar. An overly attentive male patron gives Rory a “jailhouse bouquet,” a clump of roses hand-fashioned out of toilet paper. But Rory senses danger in a man’s attention. As she recalls her grandmother telling her: “I’d better keep my legs closed if I wanted to keep my future open.”

2:07 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

And add the nonfiction work on Drshow yesterday about the fellow who escaped the North Korean Gulag. And the book about Guidry and Berra

6:26 PM  

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