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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pressler's Baptist World holding America Hostage Fiscally

   In the Fall 2012  of Furman Alum mag is gutsy story on  Furman twenty years after break with S.C. Baptists.
    Lot of Furman intrigue unexplored in that story including Bush 41 Ethics Nominee Paul Pressler's rage at Furman early 60's religion proff Robert Crapps and Jack Flanders higher critical look at the Old Testament People of the Covenant. Pressler went to Baylor in 66 and demanded the intro Bible courses there not use the Furman text; Flanders having matriculated there about 61 which woulda been Marshall Frady's sophomore to Junior year at Furman.

   Long story short, Pressler is at the heart of the Tea Party origins of right wing America now holding America Hostage. Check out Morton Blackwell's hundred signatures.

    Look at Joe Crespino's Version in STrom Thurmond's America how Charles E. Daniel introduced Roger Milliken to Strom Thurmond. Read the book.
    A Furman poli sci proff told me 20 years ago Milliken tried to bring Pressler's good friend Gary North on the faculty in 73. Didn't happen and thank God it didn't.

    Of course there are many wrangles to this story; but bottom line for me is the quote Cecil Sherman shared from UNC Chancellor Bill Friday; who said.....Friday told Sherman the biggest event in the 80's in N.C. was the fundamentalist takeover of the SEBTS by Jesse Helms and Pressler's political fundamentalists. Joe Ferguson's book the Red White and Blue Bible; rather that chapter in his political bio Hard Right endorses that opinion.

      So to some extent Furman was part of its own undoing, even though Daniel's niece stood tall as chair of the trustees in 92. The Son of Nixon's Barber told me as much.

     Here is where the story is now as Furman's poli sci and History Departments caucus with Senator Lindsay Graham for a way forward.

   Tell Trey Gowdy I'm ready to talk when he is.

   And of Course God Bless Furman and God Bless The United States of America and Steven Spielberg and his Lincoln and Representative Yeaman from Kentucky


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