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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bama Congressional Delegation Staffers and this political moment

   This is a work in progress--see earlier blog.  I hope some of you will come back to it later this week or next. Check any comments that may follow
   Last week I was outraged by the flyer that came to my mailbox  about Bama GOP and "Alabama Values."
    Those values and the strategy employed have a sordid history as EJ Dionne points out in his chapter on the history of the Tea Party.  His recent book, and conversation with New Yorker's Jane Mayer examined last week make a definitive statement.
     I don't speak for the following but I would be surprised if The BIG LIE paid for the Bama GOP is endorsed by them.
    Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird.

   His real life incarnation, the Lincoln Republican Judge Frank Johnson

   Tom Corts, the former president of Samford University.
   The Staff of the Baptist Women's Missionary Union whose national headquarters is on HWY 280, SE of Bham if any respecting journalist in the state wants to ask them

    Nick Saban and his wife Terry and the 17 persons of color who start for the Bama Crimson Tide.

   Heisman Trophy Winner Trent Richardson.

   Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler.
   Pulitzer prize Nominees Wayne Flynt and Rick Bragg; and Rhodes Scholar Nominee Greg McElroy

   I could go on and on.

    I talked to the D.C. staff of several of the Bama Delegation last week. All good kids and I'm sure their Mommas are proud of them.
    But none of them could tell me who Judge Frank Johnson was, let alone Jackson Giles. None of them had read the collection History and Hope in the Heart of Dixie nor my friend Sam Hodges collection for the Love of Alabama.
    Who is screening these Staffers? How did they get through Auburn, Alabama, Troy and Jax St and not know of Judge Frank Johnson and his significance.
     I'm sure many of them made higher than me on the ACT and SAT; but for what?  To get another notch on their resume while the Bama GOP has been captured by the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party.

    I had a conversation with Senator Shelby at the Leesburg Town Hall back in May or so. He was quite civil and gracious. Said some good things about Furman, my classmate and the Senator's acquaintance, Dudley Reynolds of Energen Corporation.
    A few years ago I met his staffer Shannon Wilbanks, a Wake Forest grad.
   With the books above I would love, even with monster storm Sandy causing chaos for us all; would love for Shannon and the Senator to address the first ten minutes of Fareed Zakharia's CNN conversation yesterday; and have the Bama GOP address the points raised there; as well as the easily googled Drshow conversations with Ornstein's Worse than it looks; and Jeff Faux's Servant Economy, consensus of which to put it mildly the Bama GOP like Anne Coulter has whored itself off to the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the Tea Party with their "Alabama Values". Check Lee Atwater's memo to the Reagan Bush committee of 84 and Dan Williams Gods Own Party if you need further remedial reading.
   Don't come lookin to Whup My Ass cause I'm sure you  can do it. Address these arguments.
     Have a panel on Morning Joe with the Sabans and Wayne Flynt and Hugo Black's Grandson Stephen if I am wrong.
    But for God's sake quit blasphemin the legacy of Atticus Finch and Judge Frank Johnson. A righteous and Holy God does not smile on such shenanigans; and Alabama is a worse place for the trash you are disseminating this election season.

   PS. I talked to a couple staffers of S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham as well. We discussed the hometown of one, Nichols S.C. where Furman QB of mid 70's Charles Elvington hailed. Good tandem there for a while with David Whitehurst who played for the Packers and Clemson son Charlie now with the Seahawks hoping he gets in some to throw some passes to Gaffney's Sidney Rice.....And a few knew the significance of the meadow now under the Southbound lane of I-75 quarter mile east of the big Chicken in Marietta, Ga.


Blogger foxofbama said...

The Bama Delegation staffers can also become routine readers of The staff there has deep ties to the state, and comes with a recommend of Auburn grad Cynthia Tucker who shoulda taken Bobby Lowders place on the trustee board a few years ago.
And by all means Bama GOP google Garry Wills recent thoughts on the Tea Party and Anne Coulter and Karl Rove's big lies at; about how the good Mormon Mitt Romney in concert with fundamentalist SBC leadership has winked and looked the other way at the underbelly of the Tea Party; when they weren't silent or outright embracing, as did Romney in S.C. the likes of Kris Kobach.

2:51 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

James Wood on Murdock and Rape. Easy Google for the Alabama Valuist at the New Yorker where they can also read Jane Mayer on voter suppression

5:53 PM  

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