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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My friend Johnny Dawkins Salute to My Friend Danny Parker

Condolence From: Johnny Dawkins
Condolence: In 1968 I was all set to become the next great starting quarterback for Granard High School until South Carolina public schools were forced to integrate. I was told it was going to be extremely difficult to beat out the young Gaffney High School starting quarterback by the name of Danny Parker. So I switched positions to halfback and soon thereafter received countless tosses, pitches, hand-offs, and passes from the great Danny Parker on our way to the State Championship Game in Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. Yes, Danny Parker was a great Quarterback and baseball Pitcher, but an even greater friend and human being. With a big gregarious and contagious smile, Danny possessed all of the characteristics of the great leader that he was. Courageous, yet kind and understanding, Danny was always willing to offer advice or lend a helping hand to others. My father worked with Danny’s father at Musgrove Mills and I know Danny’s father was just as proud of his son as my father was of me; especially when the Friday night lights came on in W.K. Brumbach Stadium. I remember one particular tough game in high school. We had taken the lead on a long Danny Parker touchdown pass to Donnie Ray Littlejohn and thanks to our tough defense got the football back on downs. An excited Danny Parker sprinted into the huddle and said: “Coach Prevatte said run the football but forget that. Ole Joey boy (a la Joe Willie Namath) is gonna throw another one (touchdown pass).” Danny took the snap, dropped back, and threw one of the best interceptions I had ever seen in my life. The DB was on his way for a pick-6 until Robb Sartor or Webb Pierce (maybe both) laid him out near the Indians sideline. Coach Prevatte was furious. He didn’t wait for Danny and met Danny half way on the field spraying tobacco juice in his star Quarterback’s face as he chewed Danny out all the way to the bench for changing his play. Danny and I laughed about that about five years ago, the one and only time I ever saw Danny since graduating from GHS in 1970. When I learned of Danny’s passing from my good friend Steve Fox; I felt a silence; a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more hand-off. We may not understand why Danny left this earth so soon or why Danny left before we were ready to say good-bye; but each day, little by little, we will begin to remember not just that Danny left us, but that he lived. And that Danny’s life gave us all memories far too beautiful to forget. Family and friends, remember that we love and care about you and do know that our thoughts, minds, and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. Rest in Peace Danny Parker, until we see you again in Heaven. Love and Blessings to all, Johnny Dawkins


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