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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sterling Silver, Mike Hubbard and Race

  I called the Governor's office this morning and told them I would have something up this afternoon for them re the intense conversation this morning on I was on hold for 20 minutes but they didn't take my call.

    NBA owner Sterling and the NBA commissioner Silver produced a strong conversation from the Paul Finebaum show to now, NPR. I was gonna chat about Mike Hubbard with the Auburn program maybe more sinister, insidious than the 80 yr old Sterling, cause Mike goes to the Methodist church more often than I imagine Sterling does.

   Mike's politics of Tea Party immigration law and voter suppression are more calculated, I'm tempted to say evil than a product of a race ignorant generation like Sterling. Fleming Rutledge has a great sermon about Will Campbell and Sam Bowers titled "God Damned Christians" everybody should read from the Auburn Network to the NPR Panel.

   And here in Bama Rose Sanders of the Selma School board race politics are as toxic as Hubbard; and she's a black woman. All the righteous indignation should examine her and her politics of race resentment as well.

    Michael Eric Dyson, articulate as he is could use a dose of  Paul Harvey's Moses, Jesus and the TRickster; and the whole panel including the MIT proff should bone up on the relationship of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Frank Fisher, out this week in my friend Charles Marsh's new bio of DB. Marsh takes Rick Santorum's Bonhoeffer scholar Metaxas to the woodshed like Eisenhower took Joe McCarthy. If you are personally acquainted with Roger Ailes or Bill Oreilly, tell em I said so.

   That's the rough, off the cuff verson. Check back later as I continue to refine my bullet points on this one.

   The Governor is waiting.


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