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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mike Hubbard Bleaching Alabama

   Mike Hubbard's debating opponent in High School in NE Georgia was Ralph Reed formerly of the Christian Coalition. Hubbard's son Clayte is enrolling in my and Marshall Frady's alma mater, Furman, this fall.

     Echol Nix of Montgomery, Alabama now has tenure in the Furman Religion Department. His debating opponent in High School was Eric Motley who graduated from Samford, worked in the Bush 43 White House and summers at the Aspen Institute.

    I am hoping Clayte takes some religion classes with Dr. Nix and has discussions with his Father when he goes home to visit.

    Here is a letter I just submitted to the Ft. Payne, Alabama Times Journal:

   Letters for Publication

The Editors:

    A few years ago I had a conversation with former Auburn President Bill  Muse at Samford University about Lowell Barron's role in his resignation from Auburn. While there are some things to applaud about Barron in the recent New Republic article, the definitive piece on his days in the Bama legislature where he rose to second most powerful man in the state is yet to be written.

     The key point in the New Republic is not about Barron or how he cut deals with Hank Sanders, but Mike Hubbard 's attempt to "bleach" voting districts in the state; making as many as he could sure bets for the GOP by weakening black votes in majority/minority districts. The experiment has now come in Jesus name--Phil Williams, the GOP candidate is wearing his 7 year stint with Young Life on his sleeve-- to Collinsville, home of the most dense black population in the county now close to having an equal percentage of Hispanics. I am waiting for Williams to explain in a Town Hall Meeting how the Bama immigration Bill a few years ago that woulda deported half the Collinsville Soccer team is the politics of Jesus. At least former United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon didn't think it was and said as much at the time.

     Folks need to read the article in full for easy google search, New Republic, the New Racism.

     Christians in the public schools, or Sunday School or Vacation Bible School who know in their heart Jesus loves Brown and Black children as much as white, have to ask themselves some gut questions when they go in the voting booth now in Alabama.

     Lot of Pharisees using the abortion issue or the Genesis account of Creation to do injustice to people of color;  and the poor and I know, and Jesus Knows and their open Bible should convict them to have more discernment as well.

     ALEC did not write the New Testament though reports are ALEC is now writing the legislation for Mike Hubbard's Alabama. If you are ignorant about ALEC, then maybe something is wrong in your Sunday School class.

     Trading Lowell Barron for Pharoah is unwise, Un American; at same time we should have much better choices, and much wiser voters!

     Stephen M. Fox


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