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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Football and Fornication

   Yesterday about 20 minutes into the second hour of the ESPN Paul Finebaum Radio Show I called in. Got in right before Tommy Tubberville the former Coach of the Auburn Tigers.

    I called in to offer my thoughts on a caller last week who was hurt cause some staffer for ESPN, a Woman, said she didn't care for Tim Tebow's Jesus.

   Paul's a secular Jew, but I volunteered my Dad was a Baptist preacher and I Loved Jesus as much as the next guy, but I could understand the woman's point. Tuesday the vote in the GOP primary was between "devout" Christians and Solid Christians.

    I think George Wallace Race card of the 60s has been parlayed into Karl Rove and Mike Hubbard's Religion card in Bama of the Twenty Teens. Check out McDaniel in Mississippi and the Restoration movement. I think the case can be made it's all a milder version of the Brown Shirts Bonhoeffer resisted in Germany.

   I told Paul that and told him I was reading Charles Marsh's new bio Bonhoeffer. Tod him about the Yale Proff, native West Texas Baptist boy named Siman with an A who had an easily googled review over the weekend in the WSJ Paul ought to read.

    For that weight and other asides Paul said he had to read my blog. I hope he is; he'll be in good company.

    In the opening of his review Siman says until the wiser than most youth pastor who came to his town in the 60's about the only thing they prayed over west of San Angelo was "football and fornication". Paul asked which came first.
  Woody Allen aint the only Jew with a sense of humor. Brett Morgen liked the song Footsteps of Jesus.

   I'm gonna do a blog review of Finebaum's book when it ocmes out in August; gonna adjudicate it somewhere on the George Singleton to Roy Blount spectrum. And I got a a few other ideas for the show.

    I got word this morning I got a new batch of blog readers in Upstate S.C. Here is what they need to know. It was Charles E Daniel himself who first introduced Roger Milliken to Strom Thurmond. That was in 1956. If they'll read Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America, they'll know a lot more, be much more deserving readers of what another Upstater named my "illustrious" blog.

   God Bless America and all the boys who sacrificed on D Day 70 years ago. Help them understand rightly understood they did it for more than Mike Hubbard would hold up as the standard in Alabama.


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