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Friday, October 16, 2015

Woodlawn, the Freedom Caucus and the Politics of Stupidity

     This last week on Christian right media in Birmingham, Alabama has been an extravaganza promotional week for the Erwin Brothers movie Woodlawn. In the genre of Rudy and the Billy Graham simple salvation stories of the 60s Woodlawn has considerable merit and I intend to see it first chance I get. I hope Joe Scarborough unpacks the politics of it all.
   In Bham it has been trumpeted almost exclusively by Rick and Bubba good ole boy comedians who have direct ties to the flick including a son cast in the movie, and Crawford Broadcasting of a John Birch Society, Tea Party, Freedom Caucus stripe which entangles itself with the fundamentalist politics of the Southern Baptist Convention. Russ Moore of the SBC ERLC has been on the show and burgeoning media Mogul Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer enterprises who moonlights with Crawford has interviewed four of the GOP Presidential candidates and counting.
    As I have blogged previously they have a shadowy relationship with Church at Brook Hills whose recent pastor is now head of the SBC IMB; so this network in Paul Pressler's dream and not so innocent.
    Just ask Bill Moyers or Wayne Flynt.
     Freedom Caucus was great chat yesterday on NPR Fresh Air program.
    I have blogged at some lengthy about Wuthnow's Rough Country and the Lee Atwater memo in that book.
     Appears to be good movie, Woodlawn, another piece of the civil rights era and its aftermath in league with Duke's Tim Tyson Blood Done Sign my Name and the works of Charles Marsh about 60s in Mississippi.
    This who phenomena cuts many ways, but I am concerned about how Rick N Bubba and Yellowhammer have inveighled themselves into the religious political drinking water in Bama.
      As I've mentioned to some of them, Marilynne Robinson's recent interview with President Obama at is goon medicine for this fundy religious political diseases in Bama.
    I can't remedy it on my on; and the likes of Brandt Ayers and Flynt have written about it over the last 40 years and counting. But Like ISIS somebody has to engage if not confront these folks or we end up where Bonhoeffer on New Year's eve of 1944 with the politics of stupidity--his phrase--running amok.


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