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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Marco Rubio's Big Lie; The Politics of Gloria Morgan and David Ryan

       Marco Rubio wants to bring back the party of Reagan and Lincoln as if he is a member of a Lincoln Party. Rubio and the entire field with the possible exception of John Kasich, is advancing a big Lie. Lee Atwater and the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention whored the party of Lincoln off to the residue of the John Birch Society. See the "Nigger Memo" in Wuthnow's Rough Country from the pen of Lee Atwater; Google Garry Wills masterful review of EJ Dionne's recent book on the GOP at
     It is unsightly to see Richard Shelby prostitute himself off to the right wing in Alabama. He knows in his gut the Bama GOP is not the party of Judge Frank Johnson. Hell almost all of his proud staffers in his DC office, most U Bama grads, don't even know who Judge Frank Johnson was. Johnson was a true Lincoln but he couldn't even get a hearing today if still around and Obama was to nominate him to the Supreme Court. There would be no SEC football without Judge Frank Johnson. Check Bama history. Have Nick Saban to have Derrick Henry and Mark Ingram and other standouts of recent Auburn and Bammer football, even Charles Barkley to have a Town Hall with Auburn Living Democracy Project, the David Matthews Center for Civic Life and Shelby and Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer and Crawford Broadcasting to put an end to Rubio's Lie

   Gloria Morgan is having her tenth or 11th Christian Ladies of Collinsville annual meeting this weekend. Her Son Joseph puffed it in his Southern Torch Magazine. According to Jojo the Ladies pray and impart insight into the politics and culture of one of Bama's most Diverse communities.
    But Gloria, otherwise good woman she is, has her politics sabotaged by the abortion issue; a concern that traffics the politics of "mendacity" according to Christine Stansell in New Republic. I am concerned by many conversations with three of her four sons, the three that have some virtue, they differ with their mother on her political calibrations.
     Where is Gloria Morgan on the Dream Act and why does she support Phil Williams while struck mute on the citizenship of undocumented children who continue to do grand citizen and scholarly work at my Mother's alma mater, Collinsville High School.
    And where is her sergeant at arms, Jennifer Wilkins and the Auburn University Democracy Town Hall on this matter.

   David Ryan voted yesterday. I was there when he came in. About ten years ago this Baptist Deacon and myself had a memorable incident in Collinsville every local heard about.  Ten or so days later I brought it to the attention of Jim Wallis, the nationally known advocate on a visit to South Carolina.
    Thought I would mention Ryan's name in this blog.


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