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Monday, August 06, 2018

Trump, Trayvon and the SEC

       Well friends looks Like Lebron James was the statesman over the weekend in the dustup with the man  Donnie Tee who called Nick Saban's Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry a Son of a bitch. That was last fall and two days later Henry stayed in the Locker with his Titans teammates and Southern Cal's Pete Carroll coaching the Seahawks on that day in Nashville, home of the Baptist Sunday School board.

      Now this week we have a cable documentary coming up on Trayvon Martin one of the foundational episodes that led to the election of Donald Trump and his cabal of the National Rifle Association. Marion Hammer the NRA lobbyist in Florida created the Stand Your Ground Law that gave Trayvon's killer the balls to engage in a tragic incident and now the whole country is paying the price with Trump who called Derrick Henry a son of a bitch.

  Nick Saban responded at Saturday's Down South. Richard Shelby the UBama "Legend" remains silent and Vince Dooley endorsed a Super Trumper for Governor of Georgia the Episcopalian of Emanuel Congregation in Athens Ga.

   Time for the Head theologian in the Southeast, Greg Sankey, Commissioner of SEC Football to step in and add some much needed clarity to this morass.
    Notre Dame's Mark Noll in the American Religion said in the end it was those theologians Ulysses S. Grant and Robert Edward Lee who resolved the fundamentalist impasse, juggernaut of the literal reading of Scripture, during the Civil War and it became Abe Lincoln, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson who emerged the prevailing theologians.

   And now it appears the congregation of the First Baptist Church in Luverne Alabama is lost and on the road to a political hell in Alabama cause their leadership of bradley byrne, Kay ivey and Richard Shelby are lost in a Trump fog themselves or at a minimum as struck mute as the preachers to whom ML King sent the letter from the Bham Jail.

   Also this week in the ACC, Jeff Duncan who is Dabo Swinney's US House Rep and a founding member of the Second Amendment Caucus, the NRA contingent in the US House has a staff member who on the phone this morning said I should take this up with FBC Laurens. They say Duncan is not a member of their CBF affiliated congregation, though he claims to be a Baptist. JD grear the president of the Southern Baptist Convention says they have a new direction away from Steve Gaines and the politics of the FBC Gardendale Alabama.

  Well you can't tell it if Rick Burgess, known to karl Rove as Rick bragged this morning on the radio, is the SBC Bellwether.

   But I digressesed.

    This is whole part of a seamless cloth as Furman grad Ansley Quiros spelled out July 26 in a Wash Post piece on Trump's converts in Luverne, Alabama, Easy Google if you are a Christian trying to resolve this mess, or add a modicum of light.

     Tomorrow night there is a PBS Frontline Documentary on a year after Charlottesville, Va.

    And NPR On the Media has a segment has an rivetting interview with the producers of a new cable series on Trayvon Martin murder and the political aftermath.

   I talked to a staffer for Bama Legend Shelby this morning, and also talked to Seth of Lancaster SC, a Clemson intern for former SC Governor Mark Sanford.

    Two years ago Rhodes Scholar nominee Greg McElroy, Paul Finebaum and I talked about the Howell Raines New Republic piece on the Bear and George Wallace. Here we are in this Trump Moment.

    Time to see what Christians in Bama are really made of. Focus on Will Ainsworth, Ga Gube Brian Kemp and the Bama 3rd House race between Miss America Mallory Hagan and the Incumbent grad of Jax St Mike Rogers. Cherokee County and Rick Bragg's Piedmont Alabama are worthy of a national documentary in this moment.

     As Bob Dylan said the "{Carpet too is moving under you"; I just hope it's all not over now, Baby Blue


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