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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jerry Falwell, Jerry Vines and Gerry Mandering

Here may be the definitive wrapup on Jerry Falwell. I found the repeated references to Jerry Vines fascinating as Jerry Vines twice pastored the West Rome Baptist Church in Rome Georgia bout a mile from where my Dad got saved and Baptized about did all his brothers and sisters.

I remember watching Falwell on TV in Gaffney in the late 70's, so he crossed my radar early; bound to happen growing up in a family of Baptist preachers. And I read the Princeton published Book of Jerry Falwell about five years ago.
I think what Rick Warren said about Falwell is true; as well as what Uncle Prentice said, which in effect is with all his flaws Falwell is in heaven. If Falwell ain't there, then about 90 percent of all my family of the last generation didn't make it; and I know they all got much better shot than I did.
So to that extent I come down on Falwell's side against Rosie ODonnell and all his cultured despisers.
But I also come down with Momma, who walked out on Falwell's Closest friend in the ministry, Jerry Vines, when Vines was waving his Bible around and lying about Southeastern Seminary at the SBC in Atlanta in 86.

Vines, the rascal, however, could tell a good joke. Said a man went to see the psychiatrist and had a slab of bacon wrapped around both ears and a poached egg on top of his bald head and Said: "Doc, it's about my wife."

So God Rest the Soul of Jerry Falwell and may his Mercy be with Falwell's family and Loved ones.

But again here is a list of top ten Baptists of Falwell's generation, a list he did not make.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Carlyle Marney
Jane Stembridge's father
Will Campbell
Jimmy Carter
LD Johnson
Marshall Frady and his Daddy Yates
Furman's iron lady that saved Furman from the takeover
My Momma
Bill Moyers
TB Matson
Stewart Newman
Billy Graham


Blogger Randall Balmer said...

Good comments, Stephen. Jerry Falwell may be in heaven right now (I agree that he is), but I expect he had a lot of explaining to do at the gate.

12:29 PM  

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