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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nephew Andrew Robertson makes the A/B Honor Roll

At Mauldin Elementary in the Upstate..

Uncle Dee made stright A's in the Fourth Grade with Miss Farish at Central Elementary.
mY ONLY wish for Andrew is that his academic and career achievements remain more consistent and Even than Uncle Stephen's--how about that rhyme--which have not exactly stayed on the High plateau of his early promise; if Miss Chadwick's note in his Senior Annual is didactic.

But Congrats to Andrew

Mauldin Elementary honor rollPublished: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 - 2:00 am
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The following students were included on the honor roll for Mauldin Elementary School for the second, nine-week session.
Second Grade
All A's
Josh Adams, Uzair Ahmed, Christopher Armstrong, Ryan Barnard, Charlie Bollinger, Montana Brown, Savannah Bullard, Gabby Burke, Natalia Castro, Anish Chaluvadi, Makayla Colopy, Katie Colwick, Kristen Cook, Sophia Creazzo, Joseph DeSanto, Kalley Eggert, Sarah Farley, Zach Greenway and Brandon Hall.

Also, Branson Hall, Jacob Hallman, Gretchen Horvath, Gabriel Ingmire, Alex Johnson, Kaylen Johnson, TyJai Johnson, Tiya Jones, Matthew Justice, Ankith Khandavalli, Christian Laboissonniere, Samuel Lawton, Dezmond Lloyd, Brianna Loaizo, Alexis Lopez, Emily Marshbanks, Blake Martin and Haley Martin.
Also, Kelsey McCloskey, C J Miers, Kundana Narla, Renzie Pinckney, Thomas Purvis, Ranneisha Pyles, Khalil Rice, Jonathan Riddle, Kiara Robinson, Nick Sessions, Jenna Seubarran, Sydney Stapleton, Jada Storr, Crisja Stroud, Jy'Kya Sullivan, Bryce Tanner, Evan Thibodeaux, Isa Todisco, Katie Tuffin, Camden Vaughn, Cody Wells, Alyssa Will and Thomas Wright.
All A/B's
Nassim Al-Nawasreh, Natalie Beeler, Christopher Belli, Chase Bowie, Madison Brown, Simon Bui, Tiffany Carroll, Tra'vell Carter, Chip Castle, Danielle Collier, Dylan Collins, Andrew Crawford, Chanell Crouch, Jordan Drinks, Douglas Earle, Christina Fifer, T. J Foster, Treasure Gibbs, Isabella Gogna and Cameron Greer-Martin.
Also, Imani Hargett, Emily Harrison, Adrian Haupt, Abby Heinrich, Catelyn Henry, Brandie Hill, Kayla Howerton, Katie Huffstetler, Sharlotte Hung, Mirical Hunter, Graham Lawrence, Victorya Lawrence, Andres Lopez, Mitch Melson, Blake Minton, Connor Minton, Elliott Moore, Rachel Morris and Zion Morrow.
Also, Ashley Ohanuka, Haron Palmer, Jacob Paulsen, Dorothy Piner, Michael Polgar, Gracie Pruitt, Paige Raper, Devin Remley, Alli Roberts,

Andrew Robertson,

Sandelyn Sadler, Mircle Sercey, Ben Shook, Jerry Simpson, Taylor Singleton, Jared Smith, Zeb Sneed, Amanda Teague, Brittany Tobin and Melody Tortoreillo.
Also, Nikhil Vallabhaneni, Callaghan Walker, Mia Walker, Whitney Walters, Alexis Ward, Taylor Watson, Collin Wilson and Shatoria Young.

As you can see Andrew swims in fairly ethnically diverse waters. He reads well and has an active imagination. And he sings

Thanks to Larve for the tip. Her mother has purchased several pairs of britches for little Andrew.


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