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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can David Gushee Redeem Timothy George, Burleson and Cole

I think it was Aaron Weaver BigDaddyWeave blog where I recently came across a link to David Gushee and his Christianity Today piece on Race and the Baptist Covenant meeting in Atlanta.
While I applaud the testimony and pilgrimage of Gushee out of the flawwed Covenant of the mid 90's at Al Mohler's SBTS, on to Dockery's Union Sem; and now in the heart of Baptist moderate land at Mcafee and as an associate of Buddy Shurden at Mercer; I think Gushee's gifts may be misplaced.
Long time authentic conservative ethicist and apologist in abortion discussions, I think Gushee's credibility and witness could be put to best effect in Atlanta in a presentation of his take on Garry Wills position on abortion and how it has played in the political shenanigan of Karl Rove.
If Gushee were to do such a thing, it would put Richard land and Timothy George on notice; and would do a great service in further exploration of the effect of Francis Schaeffer misbegotten legacy on evangelicals in the public square of the last 30 years.
Charles Marsh in a few pages in Wayward Christian Soldiers went a long way in demonstrating the shallowness of Schaeffer's legacy
Gushee is on Pilgrimage. With Carey Newman by experience he has one of the most damning assessments of the so called "Conservative Resurgence" in his analysis in Barry Hankins Uneasy in Babylon.
Gushee if used to best effect could be the best thing to come out of Atlanta, far greater than anything I can imagine Joel Gregory to come up with, though I am interested to hear Gregory's latest stories as well.
Whoever is out there; please bring this to Gushee's attention. For sure he should be able to shoot down the misbegotten pamphlet of George on abortion, and join Wills in further shining the light on the travesty of the likes of Land and Rove as they have poisoned the well of evangelicalism in the public square the last 30 years.
Gushee could be a beacon for the likes of Ben Cole and Wade Burleson as they hopefully likewise Pilgrim out.

From the Bdiddy blog

David Gushee, Race, and The New Baptist Covenant
David Gushee, a well-known ethics professor at Mercer's McAfee School of Theology, has an article over at Christianity Today about his involvement in planning the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, racial reconciliation, and his experiences at McAfee.Check it out.UPDATE (Link fixed)
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