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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bishop Willimon Advents the Revolution/John Grisham

It's on his blog, easily googled up at Peculiar Prophet Blog. I have commented there on what it means for Collinsville and Immigration reform, not to mention the New Covenant meeting in Atlanta.
Latest news is the Good Baptist Democrat, author John Grisham will speak Friday night of the last weekend in January; or Feb 1. I hope to be there.
In his Advent Blog Willimon broaches the name John Yoder. Yoder is a favorite of FBC Auburn Pastor Jim Evans.
October 25, 2005 they were all in the same room with Charles Marsh in Montgomery.
But what does all this mean for the politics of Jeff Sessions, Lowell Barron, John Morgan and the Collinsville City Council, as well as anything that may break out in Atlanta in the framework of the Immigrant politics I discussed on Wednesday from the New Yorker piece.

Been a lot of theologizing on the matter. When will Willimon bring Jeff Session and Mike Rogers in the room with Jim Evans and they pray about this matter and then tell Rick Lance and John Killian what they came up with.

Read the Ryan Lizza New Yorker article. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee are struggling with it.
Richard Land has been taken to task in the AJC by a High School teacher in Calhoun, Georgia.
Willimon says he is ready to start the Revolution.
I have given you some links.
Here is another

It talks about Yoder also.

John MOrgan has a doctorate handed to him by Al Mohler. His sons went to Duke, UVA and now Yale. They have enough gray matter between them to write something explicit for the Dekalb Advertiser; as they have an opportunity in the most ethnically diverse town in the state of Alabama to conflate the thinking of Willimon, Yoder and Ryan Lizza and give us some leadership on this matter.
I hope they are under conviction; all of the above; or if as I muse in my comment on Willimon's blog, if It is all my misunderstanding, then nevermind.


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