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Monday, December 17, 2007

Burleson suggests Mohler and Land's SBC bordering on Cult

Here is what Wade is saying at his easily google Grace and Truth Blog today about the SBC as a cult.

Robert Lifton describes eight signs of a cult in his book "Thought Reform & the Psychology of Totalism:" Milieu control: control of the group environment and communication. (Dissent or disagreement within the group is not allowed).Manipulation: Leaders are perceived as being chosen by God, history or some supernatural force. (There can be no questioning of God ordained authority in the leadership of the organization).Purity demands: An us vs. them mentality is developed, in which cult members are the only pure and good. (Questioning the morality injunctions of leadership is questioning the integrity of the organization).Confession: group confession and self-criticism is used in order to produce personal change. (The individual is never right, only the group).Sacred Science: The cult's doctrines and ideology are considered sacred and must not be doubted or questioned. (To question is a sign of a lack of spirituality and discipline).Loading the language: Conventional words and phrases are given special, in-group meanings. (Concepts such as 'holiness' and 'righteousness' are defined by group definitions).Doctrine over person: Members are conditioned to feel guilt if they ever question group doctrine. One must conform to the "truth," as taught by the group. (A lack of conformity to group doctrine prompts questions of legitimacy and ultimately expulsion).Dispensing of Existence: The group contains the elite; outsiders are evil, unsaved, and may not even have the right to exist. Now, back to Dr. Tolliver's statement. This time I will give a blank and show you how Baptists, unless we speak out, will allow our Convention to drift toward becoming a benign cult rather than a platform for the expression of the life changing power and grace of Jesus Christ than can come to every believer.

Fox> I know I have seen the signs here in Collinsville. Something for my friend John Killian and Roger Willmore to think about as they explore it at Musings in Maytown.

Randall Balmer is right. Richard Land is a counterfeit and impostor. How does one explain all the mindless giving to SBC Cooperative Program and who can take Rick Lance and Gary Fenton serious when they promote such?


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